start up problem ?registry fault

  User-5FDE1348-DDF8-4B4C-BE95DC7A01D6D0CC 14:46 14 Feb 2005

My computer has been running well without any problems for months, then out of the blue, I can't get it started.
On start up yesterday, a message flashed up saying something along the lines of " a registry fault has been detected but fixed successfully from memory" then a blue page flashed up for a fraction of a second, before the computer re-started itself. Every time I select a user on start up it now flashes this page and re-starts again. Its hard to read what it says, because its only there for half a second, but it starts off with "an error has been detected and the system is shutting down to protect itself. Non paged error. Start in safe mode etc"

Same happens if I try in safe mode/de-bugging mode. Tried windows repair, but it does not detect the SATA HDD, so it will not proceed.

Please help!
(Gigabyte 7N400pro2, SATA, XP)

  scooby43 15:01 14 Feb 2005

sorry, I don't understand. The link seemed to be for product support for Madge wireless networking?

  wobblymike 16:35 14 Feb 2005

If you can't get up to desk top in safe mode, I suggest you get yourself a copy of PC Check - downloadable if you can access a working PC or if needs be I can send you a copy on a Floppy.
This is a boot device so you can boot to it and then run the tests, it checks HDD, MOBO, processor, memory and various other things. I suspect you may have developed a hard drive fault; if you have your OS on disc and can borrow a spare hard drive to prove it or otherwise I would do that - otherwise consider the PC check route.

Thanks wobblymike, PC check sounds ideal. I've had a quick look on-line though and it seems to retail for $360 in there a cheap downloadable version you know of?
Many thanks

  wobblymike 07:40 15 Feb 2005

no I don't and I didn't realise it was so dear - I've had it for years, you're welcome to "borrow" it if you wish.

  dazza39 11:18 15 Feb 2005

You could also try a BOOT/REBUILD in the Recovery Console,that can cure startup headaches.Just a thought.

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