Start up problem: Intermittent beeps then nothing.

  JJPierre 14:14 22 Jan 2007

Hi everyone, the history of my computers dimise is this, it would restart itself after 20 minutes or so, this time would get less and less until it wouldn't even reach windows. Then it no longer got anywhere and I was left with a blank screen and Intermittent beeps.
Now the beeps have disappeared and i'm left with the sound of the fans.
The hard disk is fine but does it sound like a problems with the PSU or the motherboard?
Any solutions or suggestions would most eagerly be accepted! Thanks in advance.

  brundle 14:15 22 Jan 2007

PSU would be the first thing to check/replace

  brundle 14:16 22 Jan 2007

The beeps may give a clue to the problem, depending on your machine and its BIOS.
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  JJPierre 14:26 22 Jan 2007

Thanks brundle, I don't have my PC details with me and am not that computer savvy but it's a Carrera, Athlon of some sort.
How can I check the PSU? can I remove the PSU from another computer and try it in my own, or is that just being stupid?

Thanks again!

  brundle 14:39 22 Jan 2007

A model number would be useful, don't know what BIOS those machines use.
If you're OK with opening the PC, try taking out/unplugging anything un-necessary, down to one HD and the video card for example, to see if the PSU can manage with a smaller load. Earth yourself first.

Unless your PC is very unusual you'll have an ATX powersupply, standardised size and output, you can swap them out easily.

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  JJPierre 14:55 22 Jan 2007

If I were to remove the PSU from another computer and fit it in mine would I risk damaging the PSU?
Sorry for continued ignorance but how do you mean earth myself first? (do you mean at the plug?)
Thanks a bundle.

  brundle 17:03 22 Jan 2007

As long as they are both ATX (same size, 12v 5v and 3.3v markings on the casing) swapping will do no harm. Earth yourself by touching any object earthed to ground immediately before you touch the PC (a copper radiator pipe for example) to discharge any static electricity that could damage the components in your PC. There are more paranoid methods if you regularly work on PCs click here

  lotvic 00:04 23 Jan 2007

Before you take the PSU out....
have you checked everything is firmly seated into the motherboard and there are no loose cables?
This could be caused by the ram sticks either working loose or failing.
Disconnect the harddrive (you don't need that to check if pc will boot to bios)
Take the ram out and then just put one stick back and boot up.

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