start up problem

  5amp 19:52 04 Feb 2003

i have a 750mhz amd duron processor and a 663aspro takes repeated pressing of the reset button before it starts. the drives lights flicker briefly then the system does no more. the fan is running and the monitor will not engage. i have changed the power supply but this had made no difference. when the system starts it runs perfectly. any ideas please ????

  Rtus 20:00 04 Feb 2003

Thats a Jetway /lex Mobo ,How many Hard drives have you Mixed make ? Try unpluging all drives but floppy and the Hd you boot from C: Are you aware these boards require Cdrom/CDRW drives to be entered as NONE in the bios.

  5amp 20:22 07 Feb 2003

it has one hard drive. will unplugging the power supply to the cdrom and cdrw be ok. looked for cdrom/cdrw in bios but being not wise i could not find the answer.

  Rtus 21:23 07 Feb 2003

If when booting up you note the entries for drives in dos screen before windows starts...The first is usually the Hard drive ,The primary master,,next will be slave ,then it moves to the secondry master and so on..Enter the bios choose the heading Standard cmos settings..Here you move to each Ide entry I-e Primary master use the page up down to select Auto (if hard drive ) or NONE if CDRW or Cd drive..Page 24 of the manual describes this fully .If you have the Cdrw/Cd drive set as above And it still doesnt start cleanly make sure the advanced settings for Boot device = 1st floppy second Ide0 and nothing else .(under advanced bos features) there are also settings in the Onchip IDE function heading ,check they are set to auto for any of the Primary and secondry channels..You dont say the make of drive or size..Could I also ask what memory and how many chips fitted?

  5amp 20:04 19 Feb 2003

as far as i can work out these are the entries.
primary master hard drive (fujitsu)
primary slave none
secondary master philips cdrw
secondary slave 50xcd
standard cmos
primary master press enter 6488mb
ide primary
ide hdd auto detection
ide primary master auto
access mode auto
primary slave none
secondary master none
secondary slave none
advanced bios
first boot floppy
second boot hdd-0
third boot Ls120
advance chipset
dram clock pc 100 sdram is used. one of the memory chips has a sticker on it reading 133.
i have 2 memory chips fitted. the c-drive is fujitsu 6gb. sorry for the delay.

  Rtus 21:45 19 Feb 2003

Do you have a Third boot device (the LS120 floppy drive ??

  5amp 19:57 20 Feb 2003

third boot device in advanced bios reads LS120. i only have 1 floppy drive. sorry to give someone else my headache.

  Rtus 20:41 20 Feb 2003

No headache at all. go back into the bios and set the third boot device to disabled save and exit ,,the boot up time should now be supersonic compared with before..
I do realize its how its set out in the manual and its a pity that didn't explain its function a little more carefully..Its a case of If you haven't got an item then the relevant entry stays as disabled.. shout back if you need to...

  5amp 19:51 03 Mar 2003

i finally took the tower to a shop. they found out that the motherboard was faulty. fitted a new board and now working correctly. thanks for the help. i have ticked this as resolved so other people may follow your advice or at least have an idea what it maybe. cheers

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