Start up problem

  baradour 11:54 13 Aug 2009


I have a new system which has been fine but for some reason it seems to be freezing during the start up.

It starts up and goes through the bios start up but then instead of getting the windows screen and then the desktop it stays black.

Wouldnt start up despite a few attempts then the day after started ok and was fine for the next 4 days but now is refusing to start windows again.

Window xp, i7 920/Asus p6 motherboard/3gb ram/4850 graphics card.

Any clues appreciated

  woodchip 12:12 13 Aug 2009

I would say that the Hard Drive MBR is corrupt, you can repair this with Full OS CD

  woodchip 12:14 13 Aug 2009

PS a Restore CD is no good for the above as it will Restore it to Manufactures Setup, You may lose any Preinstalled Software if you use this route

  Jim_F 12:33 13 Aug 2009

If the drive is Hitachi or IBM then the following may help: click here

This will also do basic tests of other drive types.

Not sure about a corrupt MBR as my experience is that these usually stay that way unless you or the OS can repair them ! - but after any disk corruption I'd run a disk diagnostic in preference to a reinstall - most HDD manufacturers provide these for free and they are run from a bootable Floppy disk or CD.

Listen carefully and you should be able to hear the hdd motor starting up - a faint whirr followed by the heads seeking - some irregular faint clicks.

If this doesn't happen then it can be power - either the connectors not properly made due to corrosion or the PSU itself in trouble.

  woodchip 15:31 13 Aug 2009

Have you tried Safe Mode Tapping F5 as computer is starting? if you can get into safe mode you can run Disc Scanner also System Restore to before the problem

  baradour 10:29 18 Aug 2009

Thanks for the suggestions.
Haveing someone have a physical look inside the system it seems to have been corrupted / damaged memory which was causing the problems.


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