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  Phoenix40 10:20 18 Jun 2006

Hello i wonder if you can give me some advise about a problem with my computer so i can avoid carrying out drastic measures next time.Ive sorted out the problem now but only by resetting my whole computer again and reinstalling everything while losing everything.A few days ago i started up my computer but when i went to see if it had reached desktop the cursor was stuck as if it had crashed.I turned it off manually but when i started it up again i think i overide the automatic scandisk checking drives but again the computer stop booting before reaching desktop.I then went into safe mode to do a scandisk of the drives and it came up with two problems one said there was a rebooting error and also something called like internet tvbug error.Well i pressed repair for both problems to clear them.But when i started the computer again it still wouldnt setup at desktop thats when i decided to use my master disk to reset my computer.I had noticed small problems with my computer like the icon symbols on desktop and in the folders changing their icons.And the computer not closing down properly when i had finished it and having to turn it off manually which happened again last night.My computer is old i admit with a 466 celeron processor.I have a 64mb Nvidia 420X graphic card and i use Win 98SE.The thing i want to know can any of these affect the computer.If i close the computer down manually should i always let the scandisk do an automatic check when i reboot my computer and not press escape and what can i do if i have the problem again and it keeps crashing before it reaches desktop i never had this problem before sorry its a long story i appreciate any ideas thank you.

  johndrew 12:11 18 Jun 2006

I think the first thing to do would be a full malware scan. Run your anti-virus and spyware checkers after having updated them.

You could also do an online scan click here

  Phoenix40 13:17 18 Jun 2006

Hello thank you for your reply. That malware scan is it any different from the adware and spybot sytems i already have obviuosly i already have an antivirus and zonealarm as well.So do i still need the the malware scan anyway.I did use these at the time of my trouble with the computer in safe mode but they came up with nothing unusual.I was just unable to start up my computer properly at the time can it be a mechanical problem or can any of these security systems like the zonealarm can conflict with the computers setup hope to hear from anyone thanks.

  johndrew 15:04 18 Jun 2006

If you are reaching the Windows screen prior to it freezing and you have no malware problems, have you installed/modified and other software immediately before the problem started?

It could be that a change in settings has upset the boot sequence.

Have you `cleaned up` recently and deleted a file/.dll you didn`t notice or uninstalled a program that uses something from Windows and has taken it with it?

  Wak 16:17 18 Jun 2006

If you switch off manually then I would always let scandisk run at the next startup.
You could also try going to Start/ Run, then type SFC in the box, click OK.
This will run the System File Checker.
You could also run the Internet Explorer Repair tool. (Start/ Programs/ Accessories/ System Tools/ System Information/ Repair I.E.
Hope this helps.

  Phoenix40 11:29 20 Jun 2006

Hello i would just like to say thank you to all those that helped and giving me advice about my previous problem with the start up of my computer.One thing i did forget to mention and ive seen on some sites that it can cause major problems with the computer.Is a game i had installed before but not now which uses something called Starforce.I read looking up on the search engine that other people had similar problems like ive just had starting up or closing the computer.If it is a major problem why are some people still able to play the game like i see on the game forum.Does it affect some computers or the window systems than others? I have d/loaded something that suppose to get rid of the Starforce but im not sure if i can play the game if i do.Also im worried if it disrupts my computer again.So is it best not to install anything that has Starforce thanks for any replies.

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