start up organiser

  LivEviL 18:28 01 Jun 2006

anyone know of any programms which will let me choose which order programms start up in?

e.g i want style xp and norton to run first then everything else it would be very helpful many thanks

  skidzy 18:43 01 Jun 2006

Not to sure if you can swap and change the order of startup without deleting and reloading your software to the order of your choice first. Others may know a way.
This may help determine what you have running on startup,normally just your AV and Firewall and any realtime antispyware is needed on here
Hope this helps.

  LivEviL 18:46 01 Jun 2006

cheers well i have a defragger which starts up norton , avg, style xp and msn messenger also the classic volume and other xp internal programms

but norton and style xp always take a lil longer to start up after everything so i figured if i can put those first i wont get frustrated waiting for it to start up! cheers for the link

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:47 01 Jun 2006

Cant be done other than programs in start menu acan be delayed with a batch file.

Programs / services that start on boot seem to install and run in a different order every time.

  €dstowe 18:47 01 Jun 2006

Be careful changing startup programs - it may happen that you end up with the machine never starting again if you do it incorrectly. Startup Inspector as suggested by skidzy is a very good program for checking which programs you need at startup and will switch off unnecessary ones.

As for the order of programs starting, on my machines this varies from one startup to the next.

  LivEviL 19:51 01 Jun 2006

oh right so there isnt like a list in the registry of start up programms i can just move one above the other or give it a higher priority?

  skidzy 19:57 01 Jun 2006

Norton is well known to be a system hungry resource,this will affect your startup time.
I would suggest,if you are near the end of your premnium with Norton...try something like Avast or Avg anti virus with maybe Zonealarm firewall....all free and work well together.
Norton will need to be uninstalled for a clean installation of any new AV.

Just remember...only one AV at any one time,if you run more than one av,your heading for a conflict.

  LivEviL 20:34 01 Jun 2006

hmmmm ok so is this one thing u cant customize in XP? must be bout the only thing u cant do!

iv been runnin norton with AVG for ages and ages and never had any kinda conflict at all! and AVG seems to be alil slower at detecting then norton. mayb thats the conflict.... who knows!

  skidzy 20:47 01 Jun 2006

Running Norton Antivirus and AVG will almost certainly cause conflict.
This i think most on here will agree with.

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