Start Up Norton etc.

  Ancient Learner 13:06 25 May 2005

This PC is getting stranger. Only 10 months old. On XP SP2.

The start up proceeds, with what to me is normality, the Desk Top appears complete except for the Norton Antivirus AutoProtect icon, the Zone Alarm icon and the Ghost icon, all of which are situated in the area around where the clock is, ie not the quick start area.

After a pause of a few seconds, the Antivirus icon appears, sometimes normal and sometimes with a red cross in it. (The red cross indicating that it is disabled). A few more seconds and the Zone Alarm icon appears - dead. Later the PC gives a little squawk and the Zone Alarm bursts into activity (I'm on BB) and if the Antivirus was indicating that it was enabled, the red cross appeared. And eventually another squawk and the Ghost icon appears, then, until a couple of weeks ago yet another squawk and the Antivirus became enabled.

During all this time, about 2 minutes, it is not possible to use the PC.

Now, the Antivirus does not become enabled, until I do it manually, usually by right clicking the icon. If I first of all go to the Norton part in the Start Menu, I find that the Antivirus is disabled, and, of course, I change it there, and the icon also changes.

This morning was a variation on the theme. Among the squawks etc.,the Antivirus was first on then disabled, but when I could eventually check the Start Menu Norton, it was on there and not disabled, so now I have the icon not matching the Programme!!

It goes without saying that the antivirus is on when PC is closed down at night.

The only thing that has changed recently is the removal of my HP printer and the addition of my new Epson printer. Surely that can't be interfering in some way can it?

Sorry this is so long and rambling :))

  Ancient Learner 15:46 25 May 2005

I am unique. I knew it!! :))

  bretsky 16:31 25 May 2005

Try disabling XP's Firewall, as it could tripping over Z/A or have they lived happily together? Does Norton work, scans email, your pc, live update etc etc?
How long has this been going on for, a few days or weeks? Norton subs up to date?

bretsky ;0)

  Ancient Learner 17:28 25 May 2005

Norton Subs run out next March.

The Anti virus scan works just fine.

The live update works OK. Got some yesterday!

I assume that it is scanning Emails, it is a while since I sent any long ones, so if it is supposed to show something it is very quick.

The squawking has been going on since the PC was new, 10 months. The non activity of Norton has been here about 2/3 weeks. Previously, it got there, eventually, on its own, now I have to activate it myself.

The Norton is from System Works Premier 2005, which has some differences to 2003, which I had before, although that also squawked.

When I tried to Log off and change user last evening, and when I tried that another couple of times and when I eventually switched off, normally a nearly silent process, the squawking was very prolonged. Today that symptom has gone away thank goodness.

Is that any help.

  TomG 19:05 25 May 2005

Sorry to appear thick but what do you mean by "squawking"?

  Ancient Learner 20:01 25 May 2005

You're not thick.

The noise could be described as a quiet squawk, as in bird, or a quiet 'raspberry' if you know what I mean. The sort of noise you might make if you were trying to imitate a creaking door or gate. Not a prolonged noise, sometimes a 'double', but most often a 'single' noise, Sorry. that is the best I think of describing it as!

I am quite used to it, and have decided that it is 'normal', perhaps it isn't! I also hear it, usually once, when I Log out, or close down.

  Completealias 20:20 25 May 2005

That sound doesn't sound normal to me, I occasional get a singal beep out of the tower which is the speaker in there notifing me that something has happened, in some pc's you get 1 beep at bootup to signify everythings ok and others to indicate problems

Have you checked your pc for spyware?

Try running an online virus scan as well click here for a trend micro one.

  bretsky 20:37 25 May 2005

Is this noise you call a squawk electrical or mechanical would you say? and whereabouts would you say it was coming from?

bretsky ;0)

  Ancient Learner 21:52 25 May 2005

Zone Alarm, Norton Anti Virus, CounterSpy, Ad-Aware SE, and SpyBot are all showing nothing at all. The noise is not the normal post sound of a beep.

The noise comes from the Tower, as you might expect, not the external speakers. If I had to hazard a guess, I would say that the noise is mechanical rather than electrical, but I could be wrong.

I have 2 HDD dived into 4 partitions each. I get this same noise when I go to My Computer, then a drive, then properties, then finally click the Norton Tab ( to be able to Defrag etc), just a single squawk as though the drive is doing something !? This has happened ever since the PC was new by the way.

  bretsky 23:24 25 May 2005

Yes I think I know the noise you mean, mine use to make this sound when powering down windows and it will make this sound when you eject a floppy then click on a file from the floppy and it's as if the PC is searching for the file but the disc is not in the drive (if that makes any sense).

But it has never interfered with any programs not working, to be honest with you, I do not know how I stopped the noise except I run Ccleaner after every visit on the net and have diskeeper9 defrag my hds everyday.

click here

I'm afraid your into Norton never-never land territory, sorry I cannot be more helpful on that front, never use Norton now, to much like hard work, use Panda instead with Z/A free version......Brilliant.

bretsky ;0)

  Ancient Learner 11:51 26 May 2005

Thank you for your comments. I reckon that you have identified the sound OK.

I fear that you are right. Having paid out for the 2005 version of System Works it goes against the grain to just dump it. I do like all its Utilities and without Ghost I wouldn't sleep at nights, as it has rescued me so many times through the years.
When I get really fed up, or when the sub becomes due, whichever is earlier, I think that I will uninstall the Antivirus bit, if I can, and find another one to replace it. The trouble with Norton is that it is a nightmare to fully get rid of it.

This morning the boot-up went normally with no red crosses. I reckon that it was probably my installing the new printer that upset Norton somewhere, and now that it has gotten used to it, it has accepted it!! Who knows.

Thank you again.

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