Uncle Den 17:33 09 Apr 2003

I've got a Compaq Deskpro EP with Windows XP.

Suddenly it began to fail to start in the morni9ngs, with the following symptons:

Activate switch.

The drive diodes go on.

the "A" diode lights up and flashes on/off.

There is a "cluck" sound.

A longish buzz.

The "A" diode stays lit and steady.

The screen shows "No Signal".

After reactivating the on/ff switch a number of times or (as I now do) leaving it on for five or ten minutes to get warmed up, as it were, we get the following results:

Nothing for short while.

longish buzz.

All keyboard diodes flash.

Comes on screen as normal.

I'm worried as to how long this will go on before it fails to start altogether, so I need to get it diagnosed asap.

I have an expert friend who at first thought it was the switch but now thinks it's the power supply.

My own naive guess (from knowing about VCRs) was that some some of electromagnetic switch (or solenoid) was failing (sticking or just dirty) and that accounted for the "cluck" as it fell back aftyer being partly activated. However, I realise I could be right off the track.

Are there any qualified experts out there who can help an AOP out?


  woodchip 17:37 09 Apr 2003

sounds like PSU, from a DAOP

  woodchip 17:38 09 Apr 2003

Should read a DOP

  Uncle Den 17:43 09 Apr 2003

What's a PSU, Woodchip - or a DOP?

I should have signed mine as an OAP (old age pensioner actually - slip of the finger!)


  woodchip 17:59 09 Apr 2003

Power supply unit, if it's a known make computer they are known to fit the min speck psu. and if you put more Hardware in your computer it will not supply the Watts and will overheat until poof You need about 350 Watt supply

  Uncle Den 18:30 09 Apr 2003

That sounds like very sound advice. When I get a new PSU I'll make sure it has sufficient power. It's only started since I installed a 120 Gig hard drive, a R/W CD and joined the Internet, so perhaps all that did it.

(We old people get confused you know..! Thirty years ago I would have worked out that PSU meant power supply unit instantly - well, probably... possibly, anyway...)

I'm still puzzled over what DOP means though? I bet I twig it as soon as I've sent this - wotsit's law, ain't it!

  woodchip 19:28 09 Apr 2003

Disabled OAP

  Uncle Den 22:52 17 Apr 2003

I've tried a new PSU but it hasn't solved the problem - identical results.

Is there any whizz kid out there who can advise me where I go from here, please?

  Uncle Den 12:46 26 Apr 2003

Having replaced the PSU and unplugged everything that can be unplugged and plugged them all back in again, my Compaq is still behaving badly.

However, although my hearing couldn't detect it for what it was, a friend detected some audible morese-code-like bleeps when the PC failed to start. They were:

Long - short - long - short (pause) long - short - short.

or . _ . _ _ . .

I understand this is the PC's way of telling me what's wrong with it - can anybody please decipher this code for me?

  woodchip 14:24 26 Apr 2003

Bad memory

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