Start up niggles

  Chris-238213 17:50 16 Sep 2006

I'm running XP home SP2. Just got the PC back from Evesham following repair which required new HD installation. On boot up two annoying problems occur. Firstly System Preparation Tool 2.0 launches opening a window giving various options. I can close this and get on with what I want to do with no problems but does anyone know how to stop this appearing at each boot up. As I understand it its a tool used by OEM's when they do initial system setup and presumably should have been removed before shipping?

Second niggle is that when I got the PC back there was only an Owner set up. I've added my own administrator account with password but now on boot up I get a message relating to invalid passwords for the owner account - again I can just OK this and it boots to the usual welcome window with my admin account where I can enter my password as usual but how do I get rid of the owner related stuff?

any help would be much appreciated

  Jak_1 17:58 16 Sep 2006

No idea on the first but as regards the second you should be able to go in as administrator and simply delete the problem accounts and reset them up from new, just back up any data files that need to be saved first.

  sean-278262 17:59 16 Sep 2006

Start > run and type msconfig, in the start up tab remove anything you dont want to start at boot. Dont remove anything you dont know what it is. Acer did the same to me when I got my laptop back but luckily I hate the way Windows is installed so rebooted.

I am not sure what exactly you are trying to say in the second one, is it that there are 2 accounts now and the original one with a password you wish to delete. Just boot to safe mode (f8 after the bios check) and then remove it from there. I think that is what you are trying to ask at least. If I am wrong do let me know and Im sure we can work out what you mean.

  Chris-238213 18:23 16 Sep 2006

Thanks for the suggestions. I already checked msconfig start up tab and there's nothing in there relating to system preparation tool.

Regarding the logon issue when I boot up I get a Logon to Windows message with Owner as the user name and an empty password box. Over the top of this message a second window appears called Logon Message which says 'The system could not log you on. Make sure your user name and domain are correct, then type your password again. As soon as I OK this box I get the usual welcome screen showing my admin account as the only account. On checking user accounts in control panel my admin account is the only one there apart from a guest account which is switched off.

Hope this helps to explain the problem a bit better

thanks in advance

  Chris-238213 22:07 20 Sep 2006

Problems now both solved and appeared to be linked. Evesham recommended selecting reseal option from system preparation tool. I did this and XP went back to initial set up for end user. After a couple of hours of it doing something or other and a re-start got everything back with no system preparation tool at boot up and no Owner related logon message.

This should probably have been done by the OEM before shipping back to me but at least problem is sorted now. Hopefully someone might find this info useful in future.

thanks to Jak_1 and creature of the nite for your suggestions

  Unity35 20:50 04 Oct 2006


My laptop is displaying the same error as m235374 described immediately after rebooting the computer. Before I even have a chance to select a user and enter my password is says that "The system could not log you on. Make sure your user name and domain are correct, then type your password again".

My computer doesn't have the System Preparation Tool problem that (s)he described.

If anyone has the knowledge and inclination to give me a step by step path to fix this problem it would be greatly appreciated. The directions can be sent directly to my email address.
Computer illiteracy makes life difficult....

Thanks in advance.

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