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  Pidder 10:48 09 Feb 2006

Using 98SE, recently installed Sygate firewall, now on booting up get the message "Win 32 Kernel core component ( KERNEL 32 DLL)is trying to broadcast an ICMP Type 10 (Router Solicitation) packet to... ? allow access Internet. I have always not allowed. Is this something I should allow?

  SANTOS7 10:53 09 Feb 2006

click here
seems OK to disallow this hope the link helps,good luck...

  Pidder 11:01 09 Feb 2006

Many thanks for your quick response. I did connect a router some time ago but removed it after some trouble. Obviously a hang-over from that. Much obliged. P.

  curlylad 11:03 09 Feb 2006

I think this means that your router is just trying to do its job , find a rout.It is basically asking "is there anybody there" which is what a router does.The Sygate has done its job and told you that something from your PC is trying to gain access to the Internet because it thinks that this is some sort of harmful process to your PC.

My thoughts are that you should allow this process when asked but to confirm I would wait for perhaps another confirmation of this first.

  curlylad 11:05 09 Feb 2006

Pidder - I see , you are not using the router any more , in that case as SANTOS7 remarks it is perfectly safe to disallow this .

  Pidder 18:13 09 Feb 2006

Thanks for yours. I shall disallow as you say, anyway it confirms Sygate is working...

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