Start menu and desktop icons appear then dissapear

  ozzymodo 10:33 15 Oct 2008

Hi all,
I have had a look thru the forum and found similar probs to mine but after trying all suggestion's I'm still stuck. I accidently opened a keygen prog (instead of deleting it)after a file was downloaded. I am using XP and my virus software is Avast (as reccomended by the forum earlier, and it has been good) I was using the touch pad and as I went to scroll down to delete the keygenprog I applied too much pressure and it clicked open, Avast then warned me of a Virus and reccomended that I sent it to the chest, this I did, with about 4 alerts.
Now my start menu and all my icons are not onscreen and the only way i can access anything is to try via task manager. they appear for a few seconds and then dissapear, then after a minute appear then dissapear.I cannot get to run anything because as I click thru progs accesories etc they dissapear.
Any help would be appreciated. I did a full virus scan and Avast gave me all clear, Spybot search n Destroy came up clear too.I do have access to net via the wifes pc so if I need to download aremobva/repair tool then thats ok.
Many thanks in advance Ian

  Technotiger 10:50 15 Oct 2008

Have you tried starting in Safe mode, perhaps then you could do a System Restore back to before the problem.

  ozzymodo 10:54 15 Oct 2008

Thank you for the reply (sooo quick too) I cannot do a system restore to an earlier date than last night (when it happened) as it wont let me go backwards to Sept to try one.

  Technotiger 11:00 15 Oct 2008

Hmm, but you can still operate in Safe mode. So in Safe mode try running sfc scannow ...

click here

Also, if you have Power Toys/Tweak UI for Windows XP (downloadable), there is a little program included to Repair icons.

  Technotiger 11:02 15 Oct 2008

I have to go out now, but I will look in again later.

  ozzymodo 11:05 15 Oct 2008

I know this may sound stupid (I admit to not being a techie)but I have been able to delete, or at least I think I have, the keygen prog. If I do manage to get to restore to an earlier date and it's a virus that's caused the prob, will it not still be on the PC after a system restore to an earlier date ??or will the virus not be there and I have to make sure the prog is re-removed?(told you it would sound stupid)

  provider 2 11:42 15 Oct 2008

This may not be a virus exactly, but some other form of malware. Can you access the net using Safe Mode with Networking?

click here

Then download, install, update and run the free version of MalwareBytes Anti-Malware:

click here

See what it finds and remove whatever is causing the problem.

  ozzymodo 12:06 15 Oct 2008

Thanks Thech (see you later with good news I hope) and thanks too Prov, at the moment I am just trying Dr.Web (my Avast gave me all clear, but this one is doing the Boot etc)and so far has flagged up VBS.Generic in c;drivers (deleted) the object was So I see what else conmes up.
I can get on net (in normal mode, by clrt,alt,del and typing system.exe, that brings the icons up for a few seconds which allows me to click on IE and get online, so when the scan is done I will follow your link and see what happens and will let the forum know.
Again thank you both Ian

  provider 2 12:31 15 Oct 2008


That`s fine, but don`t forget running anti-malware and anti-spyware stuff in Safe Mode can be a better idea for then it can access drivers and things that are not in use to search for nasties.

Come back and tell us how you get on.

  provider 2 12:35 15 Oct 2008

Forgot to mention: I can`t find with Google. Have you got the spelling EXACTLY right?

Also, even Avast can`t nab everything and the anti-spyware bit benefits from a little help from SpywareBlaster.

  ozzymodo 12:41 15 Oct 2008

oops soz Prov but my mistake it should say POSTOOBE.NEC (no N soz) and it's just come up with A0000980.reg in system volume inf Trojan.startpage.1505 and it has deleted it. will keep you informed and thanks for your help again.
PS I didnt know that it's better to do it in safe mode, will bear that in mind for future ref,and Ive downloaded your link ready to use when DrWeb finishes.


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