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  Jaynedoe 08:19 05 Oct 2007

Hi Guys had a new puter with vista on. Now the first thing I did was try to put the shortcuts on my desktop like OE. Now in xp I simply right clicked the item in the start menu and dragged it to the desktop and chose copy here but in vist the right click doesnt work but the left click does. So I dragged OE to the desktop and it works fine but it has moved it from the start menu not copied. How can I put it back please. It simply doesnt behave like XP did. Thanks Jayne

  Graham. 08:39 05 Oct 2007

Drag it back into the Start menu, then find it in Programs and drag it from there.

  Jaynedoe 08:44 05 Oct 2007

Hi Graham it wont go back into the start menu thats the first thing I tried. Thanks

  Graham. 08:46 05 Oct 2007

To add items to the Start menu:

Right-click the Start button, and then click Properties.
On the Start Menu tab, under Start menu, click Customize.
On the Advanced tab, under Start menu items, select the items you want to appear on the Start menu.
The next time you click Start, the items you selected are on the Start menu.

  Graham. 08:50 05 Oct 2007

If you open Outlook Express, it should re-appear in the Start menu.

  Rigga 09:14 05 Oct 2007

When you are dragging after a left click, i.e. with the left mouse button down, modify the action with Shift and CTRL.

I think shift is to create a copy, and ctrl + shift is to create a shortcut.


  Jaynedoe 09:47 05 Oct 2007

Thanks Graham. I have tried what you said and OE is back on the start menu but it now says msimn instead of outlook express and it wont allow me to change the name. Why did they have to change it??? I have also noticed that when you click on start-and you get the start menu you can only left click because if you right click the start menu disappears. I used to right click to organise the names into alpha order but now I cant. I must admit Im finding this vista hard to get used to.

Rigga I will try that thanks.


  Graham. 10:11 05 Oct 2007

You'll have to research in Vista Help and Support. I'm on XP :-)

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