Start up disc

  podlod 09:31 11 Jul 2005

Hi, Is there a way in which I can make a start set up disc for my computor, as I did not receive a disc when I bought my CD. Bryan

  keith-236785 09:40 11 Jul 2005

anyone who provides a new computer without any way of restoring the OS should be shot at dawn.

i dont think i can help you with this, but for the benefit of people who might be able to,,,,,could you provide a little more info regarding

1, operating system

2, where you got it from (so i can avoid them like the plague)

3, whether you have all the drivers on disc or not, ie. soundcard, graphics, motherboard drivers, sata driver setup disk.

4, cdrw drive or dvdrw drive? (you must have one or the other to burn the restore cd.

to enable others to help you, you will have to give ppl a little more to go on.

good luck anyway, i believe there is a way but i dont remember.

  wobblymike 09:46 11 Jul 2005

It's not clear from your question whether or not you have your OS on disc, if you don't there is very little point having a start up disc until you do. On the assumption you are running XP, and don't have a copy of your OS on disc, I guess you have a recovery disc - if so that's all you need to restore your PC to it's out of the box state - if at some point you have to replace your HDD or decide to flatten it then of course your recovery disc is just scrap aluminium. At that point you need a bootable utility to reformat your HDD there are loads available the best being MAXBLAST for Maxtor HDD, its free and available from the Maxtor web site - hope this helps if not post back


  woodchip 10:26 11 Jul 2005

The only way to save is, You need a Image program while the computer is working OK. You need a CDRW or a DVDRW drive to do the above. You then create a Image of your working Computer that can be restored as to the time when you create the Image, can be restored after, in about ten Minutes. Acronis True Image is what I use. or Norton Ghost

What I use click here

Free Download may have time restriction for use
click here

  podlod 11:49 12 Jul 2005

Hi, Thanks woodchip for you advice and it looks like what I am interested in, but I am nervous about giving my details over the Internet regarding my bank card!, do you think its safe?. I think paperman27 you are very hard and to the point with your advice, but when you buy a PC for the first time with no one to help you with what to buy, its very difficult not to take the salesman with false info? but thanks all the same for your advice in the future. Bryan

  Graham ® 12:51 12 Jul 2005

There is most likely a Recovery partition on the hard drive. To view it, Start, right click My Computer, Manage, Disk Management.

click here tells you how to make a boot disk, but it is all academic unless you have a setup disk.

  TomJerry 15:10 12 Jul 2005

What you really want?

If it is start up (boot up) disk you want, you can download software from Microsoft to make them click here.

If it is the setup CD you are after, you need to read the manual come with PC. Different PC maker has different arrangement. If it is possible, the manual should tell you to do it. If the manual provides no information, it is not an easy task for inexperienced.

  Completealias 18:27 12 Jul 2005

I aggree look through your computers documentation some manufacturers put a image file on the hard drive which you can then burn to disk at home, you then use this disk to start off the recovery.

There is a way to make your own windows disk if you have a folder named i386 on your hard drive this folder contains all the files nessecary for loading windows (you can just search for it), again thou it does take some knowledge to make one. This page explains the process and provides the nessecary tools to do it click here

  podlod 11:56 13 Jul 2005

I want to say thank you to everybody for your help and will try a few ideas you have given me.

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