start button programs disapeared? (come ON VOG)

  kimosabi 20:42 20 May 2003

Hi guys
I just knew I'd be back this is the problem.I am not sure how it happened but I must have downloaded a prog called Internet wash when I saw it on screen I deleted it but unfortunately all the icons on my desk top vanished also most of the programs the ones that you get when you click the start button and go to programs,although the programes are still in my c:/program files I was unable to do a system restore because system tools vanished as well so I reinstalled winxp home hoping that it would solve the prob but alas no, I have system tools back now but no restore points.Question how can I get the back to my start button program list any help would be great kind regards kimo

  otubby1 20:56 20 May 2003

I don't know if this will help, but I'll post it anyway.

Customize the Start menu:

The Start menu gets more real estate in XP than in previous versions, and it's more customizable. To make the Start menu display only the applications you want, rather than the default determined by Microsoft, right-click in an empty section of the Start menu's left column, and select Properties > Start Menu > Customize. Here you'll find a list of your most frequently used programs. (XP keeps track of what you use and what you don't, then updates this list dynamically.) Don't want your boss to know that Pinball, Solitaire, and Quake all make your list? Go to the General tab, click Clear List, and set the counter to zero.

  VoG™ 21:10 20 May 2003

Now that you've reinstalled Windows there is no going back (i.e. no way of repairing the Start menu).

One-by-one, use Windows Explorer to locate the .EXE file from each of your programs. Right click it and select Copy.

Right click the Start button and select "Explore all users". Navigate to the area of the Start menu that you want, right click and select "Paste shortcut".

I'm afraid this will be a slow process if you have loads of programs to reassign to the Start menu.

  kimosabi 21:29 20 May 2003

Thanks VOG
I have all the time in the world so i will enjoy doing it that is if I can follow your instructions I am only just learning about all this computer stuff thats why I like your answers they are plain and simple thanks again VOG I will let you know how I get on. regards kimo

  kimosabi 22:38 20 May 2003

Don't know if I explained myself correctly (1) all my programs are in c:\program files.(2 when I click on the start button click on all programs a box opens with all my programs listed e.g accessories. nero. paltalk. logitech.ect ect thats what used to happen but instead of having them all there I only have 7 progs listed.Thats what I would like to see again. But I think thats not going to happen unless I re install them all again for this to happen but thanks anyway regards kimo

  VoG™ 22:53 20 May 2003

Reinstalling all your programs is an option.

However, if tou right click Start and select Explore All Users you will be in a Windows Explorer environment.

So, for example, you can right click and select New and then Folder. Call it Accessories, Games or whatever you will. So do this, call them whatever you like (except Startup which has obvious connotations), then follow what I posted above.

  kimosabi 00:14 22 May 2003

Ok things are working out fine reinstalled the ones I had discs for and followed your instructions on the rest.Still a few thing not quite right. (How do I remove the password box that comes up when I start windows and how do I add things in the send to menu I have read it in one of my pc advisor mags but I can't find which one it is . I am sorry to pester you like this but you seem to know all the answers and I know you are so helpful to this forum anyway thanks for your help with the last problem

  powerless 00:26 22 May 2003

No Password:


Start > Run > Type:

Control userpasswords2

Click ok and remove the tick beside "User must enter..."


Send to:

Start > Run > Type:


Drag what you want to this folder.

  kimosabi 20:01 23 May 2003

"YOU ARE THE MAN" all solve so far many thanks once again
very kind regards

  powerless 20:02 23 May 2003


  VoG™ 22:11 23 May 2003

You do the stuff, I get the credit. Such is life. Sorry mate but you and I know what's what so don't cry into your beer all night.

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