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  dads3a 11:51 06 Aug 2006

Somebody's gave me an old pc for One of the kidsbut the start button is missing. Is there anyway to bypass this to get the machine going just to get it sorted out while I wait on a switch coming.

I have a black wire and a white wire that are not connected to anything on the outside.

I also have a yellow wire, green wire, blue wire and brown wire connected into the part of the switch that is left.

Thank You

  SANTOS7 12:07 06 Aug 2006

Personaly i would wait for the switch and get it fitted by someone that is qualified to do so,
by connecting the wrong wires together may result in turning your PC into a doorstop..

  dads3a 12:11 06 Aug 2006

There is only the black and white wire that I presume went to the power button as it is missing.

The other wires are connected to the remains of the power switch for the lights on the front of the pc.

  Gongoozler 12:18 06 Aug 2006

Hi dads3a. You need to identify the wires from the motherboard power switch connectors. You can temporarily connect the resert switch to work as a power switch. If you feel confident to do this, and are prepared to take the risk of turning the computer into a doorstop as SANTOS7 warned, then tell us what the computer or motherboard is and we'll see what we can do to help.

  dads3a 12:24 06 Aug 2006

Its a packard bell club 70. Motherboard has letters on it so don't know if this is correct. MS6147. Ver 1.1 BX7

Thank you

  Gongoozler 12:36 06 Aug 2006

dads3a, MS6147 is the correct number for the motherboard. Unfortunately it's made specially for Packard Bell and information on it is difficult to find. I'll see if I can find more useful data, but meanwhile if you look at the motherboard corner below the large silver battery and behind the 3 PCI slots you will see an array of connectors with wires all going to the front panel. You should find a pair of pins labelled PRW (or something like that), and a pair labelled RST (or something like that). You can temporarily swap the power and reset functions. Both switches operate by momentary contact and sp any momentary contact switch will do the job. The switches don't care which way round the contacts are.

This is a picture of the motherboard click here

  dads3a 12:41 06 Aug 2006

Thanks will have a nosy now

  dads3a 12:56 06 Aug 2006

Gongoozler I understand what you mean by the power and reset switches but this one just seems to have a load of numbers. I've the block with the wires that goes to the lights and switch but all the pins just have the numbers on them , no letters.


  dads3a 13:57 06 Aug 2006

Had no luck shorting things out. So I had a spare power supply lying around and changed that. Started a treat just going to put a monitor on it to see what doing.


  Ray5776 15:39 06 Aug 2006

Sorry but seem to have missed the point somewhere,
what does changing the PSU have to do with the start button.

  DieSse 16:03 06 Aug 2006

Since momentarily shorting the two wires that go to the power switch should start the system up - dads3a supposed that also the PSU might be faulty. And he guessed correctly.

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