start up boot order

  denis93 03:42 11 Aug 2007

my mum has an xp home edition,specs are system model dell inc. dell dv051 system service tag f1hn12j

main circuit board board dell inc ojc 474
bus clock:800 megahertz
bios:dell inc ao310/08/2005
when she starts up pc she always has to press f1 on the keyboard for normal start up.
how can i fix it so that the pc starts up a normal boot up?

  silverous 06:25 11 Aug 2007

Usually having to press f1 would indicate some kind of error during boot e.g. a keyboard error.

Can you advise exactly what message she gets?

  denis93 06:29 11 Aug 2007

press f1 to start up normally,f2 for set up

  silverous 20:40 11 Aug 2007

That's the exact message?
It's not that I don't believe you its just that it gets zero hits on google which makes me think you've either paraphrased it or something.

If you press f2 does it take you into the bios?

  woodchip 20:44 11 Aug 2007

BIOS settings need checking, it's not a windows problem. As it does not even start to load windows till you press F1

  denis93 21:34 11 Aug 2007

yes f2 brings me to bios

  silverous 12:43 13 Aug 2007

You haven't responded to my query regaridng if it is the exact message. There's a lot of stuff on the web about a message:

"f1 to retry boot f2 for setup", often with dell PCs, however that isn't what you've advised.

If you get into the Bios I would check to see if there are any system event messages shown in there and if you can clear the log of those.

I would also check the boot devices and make sure that they look sensible i.e. if she has a network card as the first boot device that sounds odd.

  denis93 15:54 13 Aug 2007

phoenix rom bios plus version 1.10 ao3 copyright 1985-1988 phoenix technologies ltd. copyright 1900-2004 dell inc.
all rights reserved.
dell dv051 series
bios version a03
click here
floppt diskette seek failure
strike the f1 key to continue,f2 to run setup utility.

  silverous 16:12 13 Aug 2007

I think the "floppt diskette seek failure"

was the key bit of information we were missing.

Does the PC have a floppy drive? Is there a floppy in it? Does the floppy drive work?

I would be tempted to change the boot drive order as I suspect you have the floppy drive before the hard disk, move the hard disk above the floppy drive in the boot order and I reckon it'll go away.

  denis93 16:21 13 Aug 2007

yes it has a floppy drive,there is no floppy in it.can you please tell me the correct boot order and how to do it,as i have to guide my mum on the phone.

  denis93 16:34 13 Aug 2007

oops sorry i said that wrong it has no floppy drive at all

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