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  flobby 13:02 18 Oct 2004

Hi All,
I am having to wait hours (well a couple of minutes actually)but it seems like hours for my comp to start, and I was going to change the start up options in MSCONFIG but there is that many and I do not know which to untick and which I should leave, any advice would be much appreciated.
Cheers, Flobby

  Graham ® 13:14 18 Oct 2004

You need Black Viper! click here

  Jackcoms 13:24 18 Oct 2004

Not sure that BV will answer the question.

BV's page talks about all running Services.

The question is about Statup items.

flobby - what items are showing under your Startup tab?

  PA28 13:32 18 Oct 2004

You could disable all items in the startup folder to see if that improves bootup time. If it doesn't, then go back into msconfig and enable the lot again, as you then know that the problem's not there. If there is an improvement, narrow it down by ticking the first half of the entries, (reboot any faster?)and then the second half - you get my drift. You should be able to pin down the offending entry if it's there. Alternatively by pressing F8 at bootup you can request that you confirm each item before it loads - again, it's the one that causes delay that's the problem.

Make sure that your BIOS is recognising your drives OK and that you have the latest Video Drivers installed, in case there's a problem in these areas.

  flobby 19:35 18 Oct 2004

Hi All,
I have unchecked 5 (the ones that I know ,MSN messanger ,spysweeper, roboform, drag to disc(Roxio),lbxbbmgr(Printer)and there was no differance in the time taken to boot.
The others are.
nvmixer tray,
dumprep 0-k,
rundll32 cmicnfg,
ccregvfy (norton symantec),
ccapp (norton symantec),
inter video win cinema manager
That is the full list.
Cheers, Flobby

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