start up

  the kopite 12:18 30 Jan 2004

Hi Guys just recently and for no apparent reason my comp has started up got to the loading win 2000 then the screen goes blank I reboot and it starts up fine any help please Kopite

  Gongoozler 15:32 30 Jan 2004

This sort of behaviour can happen when your hard drive gets sluggish at starting up. On reboot the drive is warmer and spins up faster. If this is the cause, a new drive is the only real solution.

  the kopite 15:44 30 Jan 2004

Gongoozler Thanks the drive is a western digital brought 2nd hand how can I tell if its the drive its has no bad sectors on scandisk ? thanks kopite

  Big Elf 16:01 30 Jan 2004

Visit the WD website and look for the diagnostics tool click here

  the kopite 16:11 30 Jan 2004

Thanks big elf just downloading dlg now I hope its the right program kopite

  the kopite 19:10 30 Jan 2004

Downloaded and ran lifeguard diagnostics and both short and extended test both say my disc is ok kopite

  Gongoozler 11:36 31 Jan 2004

Unless the diagnostics tool includes a cold start test, it won't detect a slow cold start problem.

  the kopite 14:58 31 Jan 2004

Gongoozler It seems to have gone now maybe thoes tests cleared it thanks very much for the help Kopite

  the kopite 15:00 31 Jan 2004

Big Elf thank you too kopite

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