Star Office 7 or Open Office 2?

  malynx 00:39 20 Jun 2006

I'm most familiar with, and most like 'MS Office' - but there's no way I can afford Word, Excel, Access et al (even if I thought it was value for money).

My PC shipped with 'MS Works' (oem) but I took an instant dislike to this "suite".

So, I was about to download the highly-reputed freeware 'Open Office 2' when I noticed I could get a copy of 'Sun Star Office 7' for a measly £5...

I understand that 'Sun Office' is an enhanced commercial release of 'Open Office' featuring third-party extras (such as spell-checkers and fonts), and therefore:
'Sun Office 7' is better than 'Open Office 1.2',
and 'Sun Office 8' is better than 'Open Office 2'...
if you don't mind paying the extra £50.

Well, for £5 I can get 'Star Office 7' - seems pretty much to be a bargain - but is it better than 'Open Office 2'?

  Belatucadrus 01:14 20 Jun 2006

Star 7 is based on Open 1.1, it's a good suite, but perhaps not on a par with OpenOffice 2, which does have a spell checker and plenty of fonts. Neither have a grammar checker though. Star as is comes with a better selection of templates, but this is easily remedied at the OpenOffice site click here
I've got Star 7 on my main PC and OpenOffice on a backup, I mainly use Star as it's what I'm used to, but users of Microsoft Office will find the OpenOffice interface rather more familiar than Star.
If you're looking to use a database then there's no contest, OpenOffice isn't as easy as Access, but it's light years ahead of the Adabas module that comes with Star.

click here

click here

click here

  malynx 19:24 20 Jun 2006


Seems like sound advice.

And thankyou for the helpful links too.

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