Staples memory stick - can't read it

  Jonah(without the whale) 18:03 12 Jan 2008

Can't read from by memory stick

I have just bought a memory stick from Staples. I can write to it and read it on my works computer but my home comupter running WinXP SP2 says that it can't read from the soucre file or disk - it appears as UDISK 2.0(E)
Any ideas please.
It looks to me that I have to change something on the machine, but what?

  skidzy 18:07 12 Jan 2008

Try reassigning a different drive letter to the Udisk drive.
Is the drive visible in My Computer ?

  Jonah(without the whale) 18:23 12 Jan 2008

Hi skidzy

Thanks for your fast response - I have just checked and the stick appears in the explorer when you click on my computer as UDISK 2.0 (E) Removable Disk.
I don't know how to assign a diferent drive to the stick -any ideas please?

  [email protected] 18:25 12 Jan 2008
  Jonah(without the whale) 19:08 12 Jan 2008

Thanks for this confirmation. It's a bot heavy for me so I'll be needing some time to get through it - looks good though.
Thanks again.

  skidzy 19:11 12 Jan 2008

click here if no joy post back,but you should be able to change the drive letter from Disk Management.

Got to pop out,but will look in later.

  Jonah(without the whale) 19:30 12 Jan 2008

Hi and thanks to all.

I can't do much more right now, 'l post the results as soon as I can sort this out.


  Jonah(without the whale) 19:40 12 Jan 2008

Just looking for the last time before logging of, I noticed that my C disk is shown as having the file system as NFTS.
The memory stick that is shown in my explorer, is shown as having the file system as FAT.
This suggests to me that there is an element of inconsistency here and the memory stick needs changing to FAT - if this is right, how do I go about that folks?

  Clapton is God 21:47 12 Jan 2008

"the memory stick needs changing to FAT"

Er, you've already told us that it is FAT.

But, in any event it makes no difference - all memory sticks are FAT.

  David4637 14:33 13 Jan 2008

Could I please put a small query here- if you format a memory stick on a XP PC (NFTS) will the stick be NFTS or still FAT? Thanks David

  Clapton is God 16:38 13 Jan 2008


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