Into Standyby from startup

  Trikie 09:51 20 Mar 2009

Having an 3 year old computer the start up procedure can take 2 minutes. I often switch on then do something else whilst waiting.

A couple of times recently I have switched on but not turned the monitor on. When doing this about 10 minutes later it shows a message "going to standby" and the screen goes blank. I can't find a way to get back and as it doesn't even respond to the computer's power-on switch I end up switching off at the wall. It then restarts with no problem.

What causes this and is there a way to get out of standby without disconnecting the power?

  Charence 13:01 20 Mar 2009

setup your devices such as keyboard or mouse to bring it out of standby.

Go to Control Panel > System > Hardware > Device Manager

Look for your mouse and keyboard in the list, go to properties then Power Management and you should be able to check "Allow this device to bring the computer out of standby".

To stop it going into standby, go to Power Options in Control Panel. On the Power Schemes tab, you can set it to not go into standby.

  Trikie 22:02 20 Mar 2009

Thanks Charence, Ill do that and be ready for next time.

  Trikie 23:06 22 Mar 2009

Tried it but neither keyboard or mouse have a box in Power Management "Allow this device......." In fact the Properties for the mouse has only a one line entry with no further options and right clicking does nothing.

To stop it going into standby from Power Options I presume I select the "Always On" in the drop down box. The monitor is set to turn off after 5 minutes (but it doesn't) and the hard drive is set to Never. Changing to "Always on" brings up a message that 2 settings are incompatible.

I've tried changing the monitor to "Always on" but still get the incompatible message.

It's XP Home with SP2.

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