Standbye PC acting up only boots to safe mode

  lester1 00:28 28 Sep 2005

Running 98SE Athlon 650

After updating all of my spyware,firewall programs the PC will only boot to safe mode. Occasionally I can get it to try to boot as normal but get the BSD message
An exception 0E occured at 0028:C1414DD3 in VXD___
This was called from 0028:C1414DC4 in VxD.

I can not find any reference to this exception message on the MS knowledgebase.

I have tried the MS recomendations for selective start up click here;en-us;188867#3 But to no avail can anyone help

  lester1 00:29 28 Sep 2005

Oops link should be click here;en-us;188867#3

  De Marcus™ 00:32 28 Sep 2005
  lester1 00:42 28 Sep 2005

Thanks for that, that was the link I was trying to post.

Tried all of that up to the TSR part, no luck still booting to safe mode.

I am also getting an error message about wnasp:32dll (Roxio). Looking at the Belaric desplay it looks as if there is no optical storage devices. Not sure if there is any relevance to this bit of a novice realy.

  lotvic 00:57 28 Sep 2005

click here might be of help

and this is home page index click here

  lester1 12:14 28 Sep 2005

Thanks lotvic I'll have look through.

The CD writer and DVD drives are not shown in my computer and the Win 98 CD wont play so perhaps this is the problem.

Could I install the missing drivers from a system recovery floppy? trouble is I know nothing about DOS and how to use the floppy.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:03 28 Sep 2005
  lester1 16:15 28 Sep 2005

Thanks Fruit Bat
I have Norton System works 2000 installed (Without anti virus) and its been running for 4 years now without causing any problems. Is it possible for it to suddenly start acting up?

  lester1 22:45 28 Sep 2005


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