Standby on Win98

  Baslla321 16:08 25 Nov 2004

For the first time I put Win 98 on standby instead of switching off. When I returned to reopen it, it just did not come back on. On Win XP one just clicks any key andthe PC comes on, is there a different way with windows 98? I tried Help but all I got was only how to put the PC on Standby, and not how to get it back to normal.

  Simsy 16:40 25 Nov 2004

But I think that for the standby feature to work, the motherboard and keyboard both have to support the feature, and it has to be enabled in the bios.

Maybe you don't meet all these criteria...

With apologies if I'm wrong on this!!



  Billy911 16:48 25 Nov 2004

I agree. I've had problems like this in the past with Win98. I eventually stopped using them (Win98 and hybernate).

  Baslla321 16:50 25 Nov 2004


You are probably correct. TKS Rgds

  march 17:02 25 Nov 2004

mine is wins98 & I go to standby from start, shut down, & check stand by, then ok. Usually when I move the mouse it'll wake up. Occasionally for some reason it goes into a deep sleep & then I have to press the on switch on the base unit
but I have no idea why that happens.

  flecc 17:08 25 Nov 2004

The problems with standby are a power management issue. Power Management tends to be troublesome in any operating system since it relates to one design configuration and the more we change or add to software in the system, the less well it works, quite a headache for a software engineer when designing a system. Personally I never try to use it in Windows 9x.

  Simsy 17:26 25 Nov 2004

long time no hear!



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