Standby Problem

  PcDummies 12:40 01 Feb 2004

When I take my pc off of stand by I get a d,d,d,d,d,d sound. I have to press the space bar before it starts back up and then click the start button to stop the noise. I then get a message that explorer has a problem. The icons on my task bar(the bit where the time is displayed) all dissapear, execpt for the speaker icon. can you help.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 13:11 01 Feb 2004

Sounds like somthing sticking a key or mouse button perhaps,could be a app that is not working right with shutdown try closing all running tasks then go in/out of standby see if that cures it,then restart them 1 by 1 till u find the culprit.


  PcDummies 15:49 04 Feb 2004

Problem solved... found out it was a corrupt sound file, had to change sound scheme!

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