Standby instead of shut down.?

  Fatbelly 19:43 14 Jun 2005

I have always clicked on shut down on my PC when I am away for any period of time. What does stand by do?

My partner and I are the only users of our PC, so is it okay to put it onto stand by mode, and how long can I leave it in stand by for? What power does it use in stand by? (thinking of the environment).

Many Thanks

  mattyc_92 20:20 14 Jun 2005

Stand By is just like Stand By on your tv, it just puts the computer into a state where the computer is barely using any power (my computer turns off, but when I press the power button, it loads straight to where I set it to stand by from and doesn't go through the POST proceedure)

You can leave your computer in stand-by as long as you want.... Some people don't even turn their computers off, they just put them in stand by

It uses, on average, around half of the power the computer usually uses....

Hope that helps

  richie kitch 20:40 14 Jun 2005

I put my PC into hibernation, it uses no power and resumes from were it was. I even switch off the power socket, for safety reasons, and my PC will still boot up when switched on from where it was prior to hibernation.

  Stuartli 21:52 14 Jun 2005

Hobernation is the best way as it saves all your settings etc and resumes at the point you left off.

However, it's still necessary/wise to reboot/shutdown once or twice during the day to keep Windows in proper trim.

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