'Standby' button greyed out

  algernonymous 22:28 08 Feb 2008

Any idea why the Standby button is greyed out when I shutdown my PC?


  MAT ALAN 22:37 08 Feb 2008

1) Click the "Start" button in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.
2) Select the "Control Panel"
3) Click the "System" icon within the "Performance and Maintenance " section
4) Select the "Advanced" tab across the top
5) Click "Settings" within the "Performance" section
6) Select the "Advanced" tab
7) Near the bottom there is a "Change" button, click this
8) Within the "Virtual memory" section there is a button "System managed size"
9) Click this and then the "OK" -- 3 times, to exit.

restart PC.....

  lisa02 22:38 08 Feb 2008

Drivers or a hardware change?

Which OS?

  algernonymous 22:48 08 Feb 2008


Could you be more precise please?!
Thanks, will try it in the morning. (Its not this PC)

lisa02 (hows the littl'un?)
Yea, I added a second HDD.

  Ashrich 23:16 08 Feb 2008

This usually happens when either no or the wrong drivers are installed for the graphics card , download and install the correct or latest ones and it should then work .


  lisa02 11:35 09 Feb 2008

Little one is doing well, taking to solid food like a duck to water :D

Your query:
It seems this happens because of drivers and/or power management settings.

See your options in control panel, power options.
Someone in another thread said to look at power options in BIOS.

Sorry I can't be more helpful.

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