standby again

  jimmer409® 09:52 12 Dec 2004

can't figure out this standby problem, have looked at all previous threads and none are applicable to my problem, running xphome with sp2, every once in a while when i try to wake the computer from standby i find it has gone into complete shutdown and there is a blue screen error message on reboot, i never get time to read the message (how can i save it?) but when the system boots i get an error saying my system has recovered from a serious error, something to do with minidump and xml files, but i can never seem to find the files. any help of ideas would be greatly appreciated.

  Graham ® 09:58 12 Dec 2004

To see the message, press the pause key.

Have a look in Event Viewer. Control Panel, Administrative Tools. Select System, highlight an event, Action, Properties.

  jimmer409® 10:22 12 Dec 2004

tried pressing the pause/break, wouldn't hold the message

  jimmer409® 11:33 12 Dec 2004

also looked in event viewer, found some clues, but don't know how to save them to show to the forum

  jimmer409® 12:01 12 Dec 2004

i now have some error messages from event viewer, if you invite i will email to anyone who can help

  Graham ® 13:36 12 Dec 2004

Can you upload a jpeg image of the errors to click here and post the url, please?

  jimmer409® 14:31 12 Dec 2004

thanks graham, there seems to be a problem with that web site, if you want i'll email the error shots to you

  Graham ® 16:50 12 Dec 2004

You have to save the error messages as jpeg, then browse to the saved location.

  jimmer409® 17:51 14 Dec 2004

sorted, never able to pause to read the blue screen, photographed it with my digicam, found the error was 0x8e, 0x5, plus others, found that my wireless pci card drivers were corrupt? updated from D-Link, installed, now everything fine.

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