Standard Tool bar print button

  ray7 19:58 25 Jan 2003

Since installing a new Printer (Epsom 830 photo) I am unable to print direct from the Print Button.

Instead, a drop down menu appears asking me to save the file. I don,t want to save anything....all I want to do is print whats on screen.. Any suggestions.

p.s. I am running W98

  VoG™ 19:59 25 Jan 2003

What program are you trying to print from?

  Stuartli 20:41 25 Jan 2003

Have you tried Control+P?

  ray7 20:41 25 Jan 2003

Trying to print responses from e.mail and varying internet pages

  ray7 20:45 25 Jan 2003

Just tried it but when I press OK.....zilch!

  'oppy 21:09 25 Jan 2003

Try this, go into ...control panel...double click...printers. right click your printer, then you'll see a few choices, click..."use printer online".

Or, Hit, "Print Screen" on you keyboard, then paste into notepad

  ray7 21:22 25 Jan 2003

Sorry. No sign of 'use printer on line'

Print screen...nothing happens

  'oppy 21:33 25 Jan 2003

does it show..."use printer offline" if it it.

  Wak 21:40 25 Jan 2003

I'm running Win98SE and a Lexmark and I've just pressed the Printer icon on the Internet Explorer tool bar and it works OK after about 30 seconds.
I think it just needs time to think about it when you're on the net.
Finished up with three pages of forum before I could stop it!

  Peter E 21:44 25 Jan 2003

In my printer settings (File - Print - General) there is a Print to File box. If I tick it and apply it, and then select the Print button on the browser toolbar, it comes up with a box to save it. Couldn't be this, could it?

  ray7 21:50 25 Jan 2003


Wak..... tried as you suggested...waited but againmene screen appeared asking me to save. Waited again but got bored!

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