Standard and layout of postings

  Border View 22:55 17 Jul 2003

Level of intelligence, punctuation, full stops at the end of sentences, capital letters at the beginning of sentences ? where have they gone? I am not a snob, I went to a Secondary Modern School and not a Grammar School (before Comprehensive Schools were invented) but the standard of some posting on this site have dropped to below the ?dumming down level?.

I know this subject has been an issue of discussion on many occasions, but for heavens sake I have become to wonder if some of the posting are deliberately unintelligible.

The lack of full stops and capital letters at the start of new sentences makes reading posting beyond the difficult. Together with the manner in which questions are posed really makes me wonder.

If anyone has difficulty in composing their questions why not draft them first in Word and then copy them into the subject for discussion. In the long run it can only be of benefit to your goodselves and will make it easier for those who are able to respond.

  Border View 22:58 17 Jul 2003

I copied my entry from word and my inverted commas transposed into question marks.

Does this mean than not all posters are at fault?

  VoG II 22:58 17 Jul 2003

I am in 100% agreement with you.

When I see these postings of a single paragraph in non-English I'm afraid I turn off.

Well said.

  Eastender 23:03 17 Jul 2003

anibodi no of a teech yerself inglish sight?????

  Valvegrid 23:06 17 Jul 2003

You have to remember that some of the contributors to this site English may not be their first language, so don't be to critical.


  jakedawe 23:07 17 Jul 2003

Stand by for the usual barrage of "what does it matter, so long as we get the gist?"

  Valvegrid 23:08 17 Jul 2003

Even I make mistakes :-) to = too

  Border View 23:10 17 Jul 2003

Comments regarding English not being first language accepted, but do please think about punctuation, i.e. full stops and capital letters at the beginning of sentences.

Eastender - many thanks for taking this posting to the top of the page.

  Willow12 23:10 17 Jul 2003

It also has to make a difference as to what the postees do for a living. If their job does not entail the written word then standards can slip.

Then again it could just be down to low intelligence! ;^)

  Pesala 23:14 17 Jul 2003

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  Belatucadrus 23:26 17 Jul 2003

Count me in on this chapter of the clear English campaign, While I accept the difficulties of contributors whose first language isn't English. Many here don't qualify for this justification and could easily post comprehensibly if they chose to, unfortunately the why bother attitude is becoming ingrained. I also get bugged by txt spch, if you can't be bothered to ask a clear question, why should anybody put time and effort in attempting to comprehend and then resolve the problem.

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