Standalone Flash Video Player Needed

  Pesala 13:44 19 Nov 2006

Which free standalone player is best? The one I tried is limited to a small window. I'm using Windows XP.

  skidzy 13:55 19 Nov 2006

Does this help Pesala click here

  Pesala 14:29 19 Nov 2006

Unless I am mistaken, that is a plugin, not a standalone player.

  Stuartli 14:40 19 Nov 2006

Yes, it's the Flash Player download for a brower (there's also an Internet Explorer version).

What exactly do you mean by a "Flash standalone video player"?

Do you mean something on these lines?

click here

click here

click here

There are a number of others listed.

  Pesala 15:13 19 Nov 2006

but I was asking which one was best. There may be a dozen or more free ones all of which do the basic task, but I don't want to test them all out, which is why I posted a question, hoping that someone has found a player that they like.

I think the FLV Hosting one (the middle link) is the one I already tried, and that has a rather small screen. Do any stand-alone flash players play in fullscreen or at, say 800x600?

The MLC player in the third link seems to be limited to 480 x 288 pixesls.

  Coff 16:12 19 Nov 2006

VLC click here plays .flv files in full screen.

  Pesala 16:28 19 Nov 2006

Thanks Coff, that seems to be excellent. Streets ahead of the other player that I tried.

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