Stalling Graphics problem maybe

  MrMofo 11:03 12 Jan 2007

Recently my computer has started to stall regularly when playing games. I have an alarm on my graphics card that goes off when it overheats, however the problem i am encountering is after I have used an application before i run a game on my computer then after i have loaded up the game it will appear fine for about 10-20 seconds then I hear a beep. After Ive heard that the game continues working for another 2-5 seconds then completely crashes and i have to reset the computer... I have defragmented, doesnt fix the problem, and Ive also used the blue yonder security guard to do spyware and virus checks and it hasnt found anything... I am quite sure this isnt an overheating problem because games work if they are the first thing i load up and the computer wont crash no matter how long i play. This problem happens with all games I play (warcraft 3 the frozen throne, counterstrike source and broken sword 3)... Please any suggestions would be really great!

  vinnyT 13:34 12 Jan 2007

Do you have the latest (sometimes it's best to get the last stable driver, say 80 rather than 83, than the latest) graphics drivers?

Try -start -run -directxdiag -ok to see if it flags up any problems.

How about updating directX

Is it all apps that cause this, or 1,2,etc?

It's poss. that one of these apps is loading a driver (printer, or even a truetype font, don't laugh these are driver/progs on their own)that is conflicting with your graphics driver. If this is the case, then updating the gfx drivers should sort things out.

Hope this helps.

  MrMofo 14:21 12 Jan 2007

I use a radeon 9800 pro graphics card and thought i had the latest drivers (because this started happening around christmas time and i did check then) but there has been a new update on the ati website the latest drivers were released on january the 10th!

This appears to have fixed my problem so thanks vinny!

Just on a side note id like to know if anyone else has had the same problem recently, because it would be interesting to know what was going wrong and how the new driver has fixed it...

  vinnyT 15:23 12 Jan 2007

Welcome, glad it's sorted.

  MrMofo 21:22 12 Jan 2007

It turns out this hasnt fixed the problem, my comp just crashed in exactly the same way, a beep and then 5 seconds later it stalls...

Ive just reset my comp loaded the game which is working fine now, it's currently alt tabbed...

I have the latest drivers, and latest version of directx, my dad thinks maybe theres something wrong with system registry...anyone got any other ideas?!

  vinnyT 03:06 13 Jan 2007

RegScrubXP 3.25 may be able to help, click here

  archir123 09:14 13 Jan 2007

wheres the beep coming from? your overtemp software? what temp do you have it et to? what softwrae are you using?

  MrMofo 09:51 13 Jan 2007

Im using the software that came with the card which is the Abit-EQ...

I am fairly sure that the alarm is the graphics card alarm, because it tests itself everytime the computer loads up and it's the same pitch...Also when ive used my computer a lot in summer and it has got hot enough to set the alarm off, it was the same noise (but when it set the alarm off due to overheating it didnt stall)...

The alarm is set to go off when the temperature of the SYS, CPU or PWM reaches 70...But currently they are all around 31-35 and show no signs of increasing...

(ive just ran the registry program and ill get back to you on the results...)

  archir123 10:16 13 Jan 2007

all im thinking is maybe its the software causing the crash.

i had an abit board but the software took up too many resources to run along side games

setting your temp alarm at 70 is too low for your gpu and much much too high for anything else , if i were you id download and install riva tuner , read the faq and set it up to display your gpu temp and memory/core speeds ingame , that way you'll know exactly whats going on while your playing.

ive written a wee guide to set up riva tuner as a server if you need it just shout
click here

  MrMofo 16:11 14 Jan 2007

Ive just installed the riva tuner, but i dont think it's working properly...Ive loaded up the hardware monitoring program but there is no change to anything no matter what i do. Ive set everything to show and even though I play games the fps graph hasnt shown anything...

Could you explain how i should use this to monitor what's going on, and how to save it for when my comp crashes so i can see what happen please?

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