Sspam Spam Spam and even more Spam

  jack 09:10 17 May 2008

I have long been in the habit of looking at my mail on the server and taking out Spam there, and even perhaps responding to 'wanted mail in some instances' there, and only then, firing up Thunderbird to let in what I really want to keep.
Whilst on the sever I apply where appropriate all the server controls I can find Black list/Spam filter etc.
Still it floods in, therefore I assume that all mail addressed to me arrives to view and the controls only apply on download to my machine-
Am I right?
Thus morning for example 31 E-mails
2 for me- 29 Spam.
Some were repeated with different senders names- but the same message.

  VoG II 09:14 17 May 2008

Try using MailWasher click here

  jack 10:37 17 May 2008

Does MailWasher stop the stuff getting onto the server?

  VoG II 11:02 17 May 2008

No it doesn't stop stuff getting onto the server. It shows you a list of what is on the server and marks those that it thinks are spam. You can 'unspam' messages that you think aren't spam and vice versa. Then click the Process Mail button and, voila, spam gone. Over time it 'learns' and becomes more accurate. You can also create a Blacklist and a Friends List.

  jack 12:10 17 May 2008

So as I actually am looking at the server and dealing with it at source- this what I shall continue to do
Thanx VoG

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