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  AFoxyLady 20:41 30 Nov 2005

I am in the process of having a web site built by a company. It is going to be an online shop. We have approached our bank and are going to be taking credit and debit card payments, as well as having a shopping basket.

The web builders have quoted me £295 to purchase and set up the SSL certificate. I know in the big picture this is not a huge amount, but can I purchase this myself and what does it entail?

  PurplePenny 20:55 30 Nov 2005

Find out how much your web host would charge for setting up SSL. From memory our host charges £100.

  AFoxyLady 21:48 30 Nov 2005

The company building it is also hosting it, and have quoted to £295 ex vat for the purchase and setting up - but I will ask them howmuch for setting up - if I purchase. But where do I buy it and what do I epxect to pay..?

  Taran 03:02 01 Dec 2005

WebAttention are a good UK host and will sell you your own certificate and install it for £69 per year, or they will install the certificate for £10 if you have one alreadyclick here

Unless your web building company is running their own dedicated server or unless they also happen to be an ISP they will probably be reselling, which basically means they charge you for services provided by the hosting company.

In that case, if their host (who they bulk-buy server disk space and bandwidth from) charges £100 for your SSL they've got a high markup going on there.

Of course this may not be the case, but I have to say I never charge a client anything like £295 for SSL purchase and installation.

Take a look at Heart Internet's e-commerce options: click here

You get your certificate installed for £149 and the option for the free AgoraCart, which is an e-commerce shopping cart solution.

You may already be tied into your current developer and if their work is good and their prices acceptable it would be silly of me to suggest moving the project to another developer, but don't be hoodwinked.

Post more details of your project if you like - we won't offer quotes, but we may be able to suggest areas for negotiation, assuming you haven't agreed a figure to the nearest point.

Having said all of this, there are different levels of SSL and prices can vary sometimes based on that. Full 128 bit is what you should insist on for e-commerce which, unhappily for you, will also be the most expensive option.

To put this into perspective, Verisign will charge you just under a thousand pounds for your own 128 bit SSL or about £400 for a 40 bit SSL suitable for data protection (client data form submissions and whatnot).

I was in the States a few weeks aga and bought a 128 bit SSL for a friend starting out in e-commerce from Thawte for $260 for a two year term.

Anyway, I'm going off on one here.

Bottom line is it sounds a bit steep and I'd suggest you look at the sites I linked to and go back to your current developer and suggest a middle ground. £295 is unnecessarily steep.

Best of luck with it.


  Taran 03:04 01 Dec 2005

Pne vital snippet I should really have included in the above - the two hosts I suggested who can supply comparatively inexpensive SSL options do so for use on their own servers. You get them to host your site and as part of that you may choose an SSL option.

I didn't want you to think you could go to them for your SSL and swam off to your developer and wave it under their nose ;o)


  AFoxyLady 16:35 01 Dec 2005

Hi Taran,

Many thanks for such an informative reply. I will try and find all the mails regarding the site we are having built, and if it is ok with you, mail some of the "private" info to you direct.

As with all projects, there is usually someone that can help, its just finding that person at the time!! Usually I hasten to add too late.


  Taran 01:32 02 Dec 2005

Feel free to email me if you want to, to keep any sensitive information private.

However, keep in mind that this is a forum and as such any solutions offered are best detailed for others who follow along - in the event that an answer to your question may help another in the future.

That said, any and all information you choose to forward to me will obviously be dealt with in confidence.

A brief message to me (just click my user name to email me) will get you a reply from which point you can use the reply address to send to.

Best regards.


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