ssi call

  jgosden 20:44 02 Mar 2004

what i want to be able to do is on my yabb forum have a board where i can post and it appears on my homepage, like this click here

this uses yabb as well on what happens is they have a board that seems to post onto the homepage.

I imagine this is done using an ssi call on a shtml page but does anyone know how i can do this my site is click here

  Taran 21:19 02 Mar 2004

Are you using the standard version of YABB in Perl or have you gone for the PHP port of it ?

Do you want to call YABB using a server side include .shtml file [assuming that your host supports SSI] or would you prefer to have a PHP page with YABB called into it or just a series of links on a plain vanilla page leading to information/sections of your YABB or...


  jgosden 21:34 02 Mar 2004

i am using yabb perl and want to use ssi which my host DOES support, to display infomation from a post on a page using shtml

the link i gave explains best shows i want to do, however i don't want ot use php as i don't have mysql

  jgosden 21:36 02 Mar 2004

to expand i could go into a boarsd on my forum which would be protected from anyone but me posting in. This would then be shown on my main page index.shtml. I really want to do this as it is a great way of putting news on the site but i see it having many uses



  jgosden 21:38 02 Mar 2004
  Taran 17:49 03 Mar 2004

Basic use of SSI is where you embed an include tag where you want the file to appear in your html code.

The page has to be saved with a .shtml extension and an include tag would look along the lines of:

<!--#include virtual="/cgi-bin/filename_to_include_in_page" -->

I'm not familiar with YABB, never having used it, so you may want to check out the support forums where you will probably find exactly what you are looking for.

  jgosden 18:03 03 Mar 2004

having searched the yabb mod forum i have discovered a mod that enables this!! i forgot to close this, woops. I have installed it and it works perfect!!


thanks for your help

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