SSD and HDD in one computer

  ferula 12:00 15 Aug 2012

I have memories of a major manufacturer bringing out a computer that has a SSD for a quick startup, which then switches to a HDD for storage.

Can anyone else remember this----- or am I dreaming????

  KRONOS the First 12:06 15 Aug 2012

That is the set up I have in my three PC's. In my gaming rig I have a 128GB M4 SSD for operating system and programs and two 1TB Sata HDD's for storage this is not a new idea

  ferula 16:24 15 Aug 2012

Hi Chronus Thanks for the courtesy of your reply. I am an oldie of 85yrs and have not the courage to try and install the components myself that you have done. I just had the feeling that one of the major manufacturers had marketed either a laptop or desktop that already had these components installed.

  KRONOS the First 16:29 15 Aug 2012

I think you will find that most high end set ups will come with an SSD these days. Yes you are a little older than me 60. But I build all my own PC's.

  Woolwell 16:46 15 Aug 2012

I have a small SSD which is set up to use SRT

  Number six 23:25 15 Aug 2012


Maybe you are thinking of this

[Crucial Adrenaline ]1

Uses a SSD for caching boot and system files.

  Number six 23:27 15 Aug 2012

Try again

Crucial Adrenaline

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