sreen jumping when scrolling

  kezmo 22:47 21 May 2003

imusin windows 98 2nd edition and my screen jumps when i scroll down pages it moves very quicky and it gets blurred any ideas how to change my settings?

  wee eddie 22:55 21 May 2003

or get a faster graphics card.

I believe it's as simple as that.

  hugh-265156 22:55 21 May 2003

in xp internet explorer 6 its

tools/options/internet explorer/advanced then tick enable smooth scrolling.

and make sure that drivers for your graphics card are installed

  VoG™ 22:55 21 May 2003

If you mean in Internet Explorer, then in IE go to Tools/Internet Options, Advanced tab, and tick "Use smooth scrolling".

  VoG™ 22:56 21 May 2003

And so say all of us!

  hugh-265156 22:57 21 May 2003

also check controlpanel/mouse/buttons and under scrolling size select 3 lines or 1 line.

  kezmo 23:04 21 May 2003

ive checked both my mouse and that smooth scrolling is checked and they are both fine but the problem still remains it continues to jump if in chat room screen whizzes past me as ppl type

  hugh-265156 23:10 21 May 2003

lots of people typing at once = fast and very confusing.

  hugh-265156 23:11 21 May 2003

is that what you mean the chat box is updated quickly?or does your whole screen jump

  powerless 23:12 21 May 2003

Updated Graphics drivers?

  kezmo 23:14 21 May 2003

yes i know thats the case but its the only way i can think of to describe it i recently reinstalled windows 98 and never had this problem before

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