A-squared Personal licence query

  CurlyWhirly 17:50 09 Nov 2005

My licence for the Personal version of a-squared runs out in a few days time and I was wondering if anyone knows what happens to a-squared if I *dont* renew the licence?

I know *how* to revert to the FREE version again as mentioned at click here

Whether I can actually do this I am unsure of so has anyone ever reverted to the FREE version and still being able to download updates?

The reason why I am thinking of not renewing my subscription is because over the last 12 months, I have had *no* need for the a-squared guard feature and as Microsoft plan on including keystroke logging and rootkit detection in their Anti-spy product (that is currently BETA), I may not need a-squared Personal as well.

Any opinions anyone please?
Thanks :0)

  Chegs ® 18:18 09 Nov 2005

There are several "just as good as" A2 progs(freeware)so I would save your dosh.As you have already found the way to revert to the free version,simplest thing to do is try the suggestion on your link,then go get A2 updates,if it dont work,then go d/l the freeware version,uninstall your soon to expire paid-for and install the newly d/l version.

I know your asking if anyones ever reverted,but as I have no flexy friends I cannot obtain paid-for versions. :-)

  sunny staines 15:34 10 Nov 2005

A2 have admitted they had a problem when getting updates some free programs were converted to the pay version.

The FIX is close A2, then open explorer goto the a2 folder then delete the following two folders "a2guard.exe" and "a2handler.dll"

then close explorer open a2 and check for updates and all will be fixed.

The above worked for me

  CurlyWhirly 17:08 10 Nov 2005

Cheers Chegs and sunny staines.
I will try out your suggestions ;0)

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