A-Squared Blubster

  provider 2 09:38 04 Jul 2007

Anyone else having a problem with Trace.Registry. Blubster in A-Squared. Mine found 10 items this morning. Is it a false positive?

  birdface 09:45 04 Jul 2007

No problems with mine.Up-dated and ran it , All clear. If you are using the Beta version I would delete it and just run the normal version.

  provider 2 09:47 04 Jul 2007


Just checked with the A-Squared site. Seems that some others have had the same result and are waiting for answers.

  birdface 09:51 04 Jul 2007

Ok,No problem here,Are you using the Beta version.

  provider 2 09:53 04 Jul 2007

NO. Updated yesterday, I think, or was it the day before?

  birdface 09:57 04 Jul 2007

Ok,There was an up-date this morning which I downloaded before running,Maybe that sorted the problem out.

  provider 2 09:59 04 Jul 2007

I`ve quarantined them for the moment and will check with A-Squared later to see what`s what before deleting (or not).

  cocteau48 10:05 04 Jul 2007

Got Trace Registry.Blubster (10 items)a couple of days ago after I had been downloading some mp3 files via the Sonic X MP3 Directory site.
Googling showed that it was music related (nothing very sinister I thought) so I just quarantined them.

  provider 2 10:09 04 Jul 2007


That could well be it. My son did some experimenting with Limewire but I deleted it about six months ago ... shredded with Ashampoo WinOptimiser actually. Surely to goodness it couldn`t still be there in bits?

  cocteau48 10:33 04 Jul 2007

provider 2

The Sonic X site directs you to various other sites for individual downloads. I downloaded about six tracks from different sources using my standard Broadband connection - not using any sort of P2P software - in fact I do not have any because of the risks involved - so this can arrive just on the back of a simple MP3 download.

  iarno 10:33 04 Jul 2007

updated today ran it. found 8 items. it is music related but i have never downloaded music. i will delete them and see what happens.

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Blubster v2.0

How long do you think it will be before they run out of absurd names to place before the obligatory "ster" ending for file sharing programs? Blubster is yet another music sharing network with yet another silly name. As with similar services, Blubster is a decentralized online community for sharing and downloading music files. Blubster uses the MP3BTF engine, and boasts one million users. It's less-than-shy Web site claims, "Optisoft's peer-to-peer technology is the product of detailed and long term research as well as studies about transport protocols like UDP and peer-to-peer technologies like Gnutella. We do believe this technology means obviously a breakthrough for the digital media industry and intellectual property rights. Only the future will tell if Blubster will be THE technology to share files between peers." And with a name like that, how could it go wrong?

Platforms: Windows Me,Windows 2000,Windows XP
License: Free
Size: 2720 (KB)
Author: Blubster

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