a squared anti malware - purchase question

  smithers jones 22:09 15 Jan 2008

Never been a fan of purchased security products, always relied on free products, avast, adaware, etc, and only really check once a week however..

My son is now exploring the world of pc's including game downloads and msn messenger, bringing a host of new guests to lurk about the registry including recently a high risk worm and a couple of trojans.

I am considering purchasing the a squared anti malware product on the basis that it runs 24/7 in the background and allegedly detects the problems as they enter. Can anyone advise if this would be the best course of action??

  pac73 22:16 15 Jan 2008

Why not try Spy Sweeper 5.5.
You can get it free.Google spysweeper/computeractive.

  pac73 22:18 15 Jan 2008

Heres the link click here

  birdface 22:24 15 Jan 2008

Probably cheapest form of action would be not to let your son on the computer.Maybe pick up a cheap one for your son to mess about with.messenger.make sure he does not download messenger plus to go with it,it can be downloaded safely as long as you do not download the makers package with it.Probably if you have to pay for anything probably something to back your computer up in case of failure.Acronis is one of those programs and would probably cost the same as A Squared.Unfortunately with kids about nothing is safe.But they have got to learn somewhere.Or sometime.My Grandaughter is a nightmare she is coming up for 16 and thinks a scan is something that is done in hospital.In one ear out of the other. Best of luck .Just checked you name.no doubt we will be hearing more from you soon.

  smithers jones 22:26 15 Jan 2008


Checked it out, doesn't say much about a background checker.

I'm assuming that the a squared product checks all email and programs as they enter and run.

This (spysweeper) would do the job if it does this

  smithers jones 22:32 15 Jan 2008

can you give me more details on messenger plus?

I assume it is a fee paying extra? How would I know if he has downloaded it?


  birdface 22:44 15 Jan 2008

A Squared free.I use that .It has three scans on it.One takes about 3 minutes the next about half an hour and the full one just over an hour.I found Spy Sweeper as useless as Spybot and Adaware.Although others like them I find that they do nothing on my computer nothing seems to get by AVG and A Squared but then I do not allow the grandkids to download anything .if its not already on my computer they don't use it.Is it better to pay,Probably I don't pay for any but there is a lot on here that do pay for the odd programs,So I suppose if it makes you feel safer doing it that way carry on.But then maybe you think you may have to pay for a good firewall and maybe Anti-Virus and maybe a good reg cleaner,i suppose it all adds up.But then again If I could afford it I would probably have the best of everything.

  birdface 22:51 15 Jan 2008

Messenger Plus is free and if not downloaded properly will fill your computer with adware and malware.You would find it in Add Remove.I think it still comes under Messenger Plus. Or messenger+ Now A Squared I dont think checks your e-mail but your Anti-Virus should.I Know AVG Does.And I think if you have Avast that should also do it.I am not sure about A Squared .The free version does not check your mail I know that.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:13 15 Jan 2008

Look at click here and you will see why anti-spyware/Avs are pretty useless without education. There is NEVER any need for a home user to pay for an AV or Antispyware.


  smithers jones 23:30 15 Jan 2008

I see where you are coming from.

oddly though, avast only alerted me to 5 trojans and 1 worm during a separate series of spyware scans. (adware, a2, spybot) It is possible though that they were detected at the time and ignored by my son (11 years)

As to how much danger they really posed I have no idea.

Although avast runs a background checker I wondered if some sort of extra software (working real-time not when I manually scan) would be beneficial

  johnnyrocker 23:36 15 Jan 2008

spyware blaster?


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