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  TonyW2 16:13 26 Aug 2007

Hello and help please.
Since installing Windows Live messeneger (a few weeks ago) my hard disc has been overwhelmed with files with an SQM extension plus massive numbers of copies of each.
I understand that this is a problem with Live Messenger and I have uninstalled it, but how can I clear all the files? I started deleting each, but it is going to take me forever if I have to select each one.
My knowledge is limited, so any suggestions need to be in idiot language and preferably not involve messing with the depths of the computer!

  brundle 16:19 26 Aug 2007

Depending on how your Search is set up in XP, do a search for *.sqm, select all and delete.

  TonyW2 16:37 26 Aug 2007

And even worse, it seems that deleting the files causes copies to be generated, so they are proliferating exponentially!

  brundle 16:43 26 Aug 2007

Is Messenger actually running? I just removed about 20 from this PC and they've not come back.

  TonyW2 16:47 26 Aug 2007

Thanks brundle. This found 3112. How do I "select all" without highlighting each one, please?
I am reluctant to do further deletes in case this produces 3112 more copies.

  brundle 16:49 26 Aug 2007

Press Ctrl and A, or click Edit/Select All.
The `copies` may be showing in the Recycle bin. Press Shift and Delete to delete them immediately and bypass the Recycle bin.

  TonyW2 16:58 26 Aug 2007

Thanks. They were not in the recycle bin, as I had already cleared that but select all, with your help, cleared them all out.
That was really helpful.

I have indicated problem as resolved, but would be interested to know what was going on and whether it is safe to reinstall Live messenger

  brundle 17:06 26 Aug 2007

Not sure, I think they are something do with offline messages. No idea why you had so many, as I said, this machine only had 20 or so - half of those in an old Messenger folder from a previous installation.

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