SQL Server Reporting Services Switch Statement

  mackaycc 17:50 06 Jun 2005

Hi All, I'm trying to put a switch statement into a report but am struggling to get the correct syntax for it. Does anyone know of a good site which could provide me with it or do you know what the correct structure would be?

Many thanks in advance.

  Access genu 19:45 06 Jun 2005

what do you mean by a switch statement? I have never come across it.

  mackaycc 22:00 06 Jun 2005

Instead of using nested if statements I'm trying to use the switch{case:} etc. statement. Part of it is working but for some results it throws up exceptions. I was looking for an easy reference as to how the switch statement should be written in reporting services.

  Access genu 22:14 06 Jun 2005

if you mean SQL CASE statement then try the microsoft knowledge base

click here

  mackaycc 02:38 07 Jun 2005

It's not SQL that I need. I need to know what syntax to use for the case statement when using it as an argument for formatting the page.

  Rand Al Thor 09:03 07 Jun 2005

I havn't used the switch function myself, but this is from the help file.

Evaluates a list of expressions and returns a Variant value or an expression associated with the first expression in the list that is True.


Switch(expr-1, value-1[, expr-2, value-2 … [, expr-n,value-n]])

Normally, I would do any formatting in a report using the On Format event. Not sure how it would work in SQL though. Anyhow, here is the method I would use. In the On Format event of the Detail section of the report place the case statements.

I use the tag property of the control to identify each control. I use this code to change the foreground colour of the control, depending on the test.

Hope this helps

Dim ctl As Control
Const vbRED = 255

For Each ctl In Me.Section(acDetail).Controls

Select Case ctl.Tag

Case "Tag Name"
'Case test here

Case "Tag Name"
'Case test here

End Select

Next ctl

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