SQL question

  Josquius 16:25 21 Jul 2005

How would I write SQL code in microsoft access where the name of one of the tables I want to use has a space in it?
I have tried writing it as it is and _ though none seem to work, what is the proper way?

  Josquius 17:03 21 Jul 2005

Also how do I avoid entry boxes popping up and the code just doing queries by what is typed in the code?

  Josquius 17:46 21 Jul 2005

Above makes little sense...I mean I want to avoid those 'Enter parameter value' boxes and have the query designated table just appear.

  Sir Radfordin 19:19 21 Jul 2005

Using " " or ' ' around the table name may solve your problem. One of those things I can never remember how to do and don't have an SQL database to check at the moment.

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