SQL Ploblem

  EmBeZzLeR 14:19 30 May 2003

I'm trying to get all renter details for those renters who are registered at Glasgow branch using an innter join....

i know you need to see the table but i'll show you what ive done so far....

FROM Renter
ON Renter.Bno=Branch.Bno

this shows all the renters but i need to somehow only show the ones who are registered at the Glasgow branch and the Bno code of that branch is B3... Can anyone help?

  IanNiblock 14:35 30 May 2003

SELECT * FROM Renter INNER JOIN Branch ON Renter.Bno = Branch.Bno

WHERE Branch.Bno = "B3"

  IanNiblock 14:38 30 May 2003

I hope that works for you - however if the field 'Bno' is the Bno code that you reference then you should be able to use

SELECT * FROM Renter WHERE Renter.Bno = "B3"

If the Bno field is not the Bno code that you talk about then you should replace the WHERE Branch.Bno = "B3" with WHERE Branch.Bnocode = "B3"



  EmBeZzLeR 14:39 30 May 2003

That was really easy..... i was trying it without adding the .Bno... i feel silly now!!!

Thanks mate!

  IanNiblock 14:44 30 May 2003

No problem - I have spent many hours on similar problems, we all do it!!

  EmBeZzLeR 14:44 30 May 2003

I had to use an Inner Join because it was a test question and i would get extra marks

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