SQL dumper library failed initialisation

  exdragon 08:56 17 Jul 2010

Hi - yesterday I tried to install some software which Eon, my power company, sent me. It wouldn't install and threw up a message, 'Microsoft SQL server setup has encountered a problem and will end'.

At Eon's request I sent a screen dump of the various messages and they said they'd tell me what to do. This morning, on starting up, I get the message, 'Sql dumper library failed initialisation. Your installation is either corrupt or has been tampered with. Please uninstall then rerun setup to correct this problem'.

Rerun what? Is it serious? How do I get rid of the message? Will a system restore cure it?

Please! So many questions...

  VoG II 08:58 17 Jul 2010

System Restore to before you installed the Eon software.

  Forum Editor 09:04 17 Jul 2010

and select add/remove programs you should see an entry for SQL Server. Uninstall this and your problem will go away.

It won't mean that the Eon software will run - it won't - but at least you'll no longer get frightening error messages. Something's wrong with the SQL server setup routine, and although Eon may be able to resolve it from their end I wouldn't hold your breath.

  exdragon 09:15 17 Jul 2010

VoG™ - that was my initial reaction, but the system restore point was at 8am, and showed, 'Software Distribution Service 3.0' and I didn't do anything at that time, so wasn't sure whether to revert.

Forum Editor - in Control Panel, I've got MS SQL Server Native Client, ...Server Setup Support Files and ...VSSWriter. Which do I delete, please?

  exdragon 14:24 17 Jul 2010

Can anyone help with which of the three things mentioned above I should remove?


  exdragon 07:19 18 Jul 2010

Any takers, please?

  exdragon 19:42 18 Jul 2010


  exdragon 21:22 19 Jul 2010

Did a system restore in the end

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