Kassiopea 11:39 11 Oct 2005

Ok - just how do I find out if that intruder trying to access something is a goody or a potential problem ? I look at the properties bit but that doesn't help - usually because I don't always know what I'm looking at/for. Is there a foolproof way or am I just going to have to learn the hard way. I'm running microsoft anti spy ware on Win XP home edit, I've got McAfee Sec Centre with it's all jumping/all seeking what nots but would like to know when to say YES or NO when it asks should I let it or not !!

  Jackcoms 11:54 11 Oct 2005

As a general rule of thumb these two excellent products (in common with other AV and anti-malware programs) will only find the baddies.

You can safely quarantine/delete what they find.

The whole point of programs such as these (apart from protecting your PC) is to take the hard work out of any decision-making for you.

Let them decide and go along with their decisions!

  mbp 12:06 11 Oct 2005

When in doubt, Quarantine, or delete. I usually delete because it is no skin off my nose. No one is going to give me a million dollars via the internet. Curiosity kills the cat. I dump anything I don't know who it is from. If it is important, it will come again.

On the other hand, quarantine it, and then copy and paste the title on the web to find out about it. All information is on the web if you want to find out about anything. It is one way to satisfy your curiosity. The Internet is a fantastic Library and has all the information you need.

  Kassiopea 12:42 11 Oct 2005

So although it says under properties it's something to do with Microsoft which is trying to use a path to go into my translation software - which doesn't work properly anyway- I should still refuse - sorry to seem pendantic ( I really must take that computer course I keep promising myself)- but I don't want to refuse any free upgrades that anyone offers after I've bought something - you don't get much for free anymore!!The one causing grief at pres is something like `cdeamon'.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:21 11 Oct 2005

cdeamon is a nasty delete it

  Kassiopea 17:08 11 Oct 2005

There - you've said it - I didn't know this and it said it was from Microsoft but kept on coming which is why I was so concerned - Thanks a lot - it's nice to know my worry was not just a stupid one after all. Ta Very Much. K

  mbp 17:45 11 Oct 2005

There are several places where you can get information. Off the bat you can start here:

click here

  mbp 18:31 11 Oct 2005

here is another: click here

  mark2 10:52 15 Oct 2005

"The one causing grief at pres is something LIKE `cdeamon'."

"it said it was from Microsoft but kept on coming"

click here for cidaemon.

You have to be careful, cidaemon is a M$ file and needed to run disk indexing in the background, and can be disabled in msconfig.

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