SpywareBlaster.....anybody had any problems ??

  freaky 18:46 17 Jul 2005

Just downloaded the above program as recommended in PCA. Since it was installed I have found that my internet connection has slowed. Anybody had a similar problem with it ?

  dogbreath1 19:01 17 Jul 2005

My SpywareBlaster sit's quietly in the background, active in preventing the installation of various nasties, but not running in real time as such. Therefore resource use is presumably minimal. It does protect against a database of potentially dangerous sites, but I don't believe that it would slow down your internet connection speed. I've just had a 'Google' to see if this problem is a known issue but my search, as I expected, came up blank.

  Buchan 35 19:18 17 Jul 2005

It`s as dogsbreath1 says. I`ve never had any problem with. Try uninstalling it and see if your internet connection improves. If it does`nt then reinstall it, as your problem is elsewhere.

  Meshuga 19:48 17 Jul 2005

I`ve never had any problem with spyware Blaster. I dont think it uses much in the way of resources.

  VoG II 19:54 17 Jul 2005

I've never had a problem.

It is difficult to know how it could be slowing things down as it is not necessary to have SpywareBlaster running all the time.

  helmetshine 20:01 17 Jul 2005

As far as i'm aware it just adds entries to your registry that blocks certain spyware.....once thats done you close it down and it uses no resources at all until you start it again to check for updates click here

  freaky 20:32 17 Jul 2005

Many thanks for all your replies, sound very re-assuring. Could have been due to my Broadband ISP as all is OK now.

One more query, when I visited the SpywareBlaster site it would appear that it blocks all Active X controls being received/installed. As you are aware some of these are essential i.e. Microsoft Update. Does this cause any problems ??

  VoG II 20:35 17 Jul 2005

It only blocks spyware-related ActiveX controls. There is no problem with legitimate ActiveX content.

  freaky 21:15 17 Jul 2005

Thanks for that, will sit tight and and give the program a trial. Will now mark this topic as resolved, but will keep an eye on my postings to see if any other postings are made.

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