SpywareBlaster Update Available.

  birdface 00:03 19 Mar 2008

New Spywareblaster update available now.

  rdave13 01:02 19 Mar 2008

Thank you. A small update considering but never the less an important one..:)

  birdface 01:49 19 Mar 2008

Hi.You are using my lucky number.My first grandaughter was born on Friday the 13th so I have always concidered it a lucky number.Yes only a small update.But anything that protects your computer is always classed as good does not matter if it is large or small. Like you say they are all important.

  rdave13 02:19 19 Mar 2008

Your granddaughter will lead a charmed life as I was also born on Friday 13th but only a few decades ago. Ahem.
Can't think when these 'aches and pains' started, though.

  birdface 02:59 19 Mar 2008

I know how you feel.not long before your hair falls out and your teeth and your belly sticks out a bit further than usual.And when you go to shave you don't recognize the chap in the mirror.been there and done that.

  jolorna 07:12 19 Mar 2008

good morning and cheers for that

  rawprawn 07:31 19 Mar 2008

Good morning buteman, and thank you.

  sunny staines 08:08 19 Mar 2008

thanks every little download helps.

  VoG II 08:24 19 Mar 2008


  birdface 17:52 19 Mar 2008

Ok.Will class this as resolved now as most folk have probably already ran the Up-date.

  bluto1 18:50 19 Mar 2008


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