misog 23:52 12 Mar 2003

Its now been updated to version 2.5.2 . obtain it from here click here

  €dstow 08:01 13 Mar 2003

Sorry misog, your post seems to have got lost at the bottom of the page and hoverman has posted the same announcement.

Much appreciated though!


  Andsome 08:12 13 Mar 2003

I downloaded this program a few days ago. There does not appear to be any way of telling which version I have.

  Andsome 08:15 13 Mar 2003

Just checked in Add/Remove programs and it shows up as version 2.5 is this the latest? If not do I have to uninstall before downloading, or will the latest install on top?

  hoverman 08:19 13 Mar 2003

The words "Release 2.5.2" appears to the right of the Program title as did previous version numbers.

  hoverman 08:21 13 Mar 2003

You obviously missed my thread posted under an hour ago.

  Spindrift 08:24 13 Mar 2003

I have just downloaded and it installs on top.

  hoverman 08:25 13 Mar 2003

I installed without removing the previous one. All appears to work OK.

  misog 08:27 13 Mar 2003

\I posted last night.

  hoverman 08:29 13 Mar 2003

My apologies - just noticed that your thread was posted yesterday.

  Stokey 09:14 13 Mar 2003

I have a problem here chaps. I already have version 2.5.1 which became available about two or three days ago. Now if I try to update that it tells me a new version is available but the only one I can find is 2.5.1. Then I saw misog's post but his link also takes me to 2.5.1. As I can't update I downloaded it anyway just in case it is a different version but it isn't. Can't update because it still tels me a newer version is available. Can't find 2.5.2 anywhere.

Any-one got any ideas what is going on here?

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