SpywareBaster Update

  birdface 07:00 30 Oct 2008

Hi.Good morning All.New SpywareBlaster update for all those that use it.

  jolorna 07:23 30 Oct 2008


  rawprawn 07:27 30 Oct 2008

Good morning buteman, and thank you. How are you getting on with A Squared?

  birdface 07:57 30 Oct 2008

Hi.Good morning.Yes doing not to bad.Everytime I open a new web page it I usually get about 3 warning of different sort of Malware programs on the page.It of course removes them and I let it get on with it.But it is all the pop ups thats the problem they can be a bit of an nuisance.Eventually they will probably stop and there is the odd page that will not open.But I know how to sort that out if need be.But better safe than sorry.Its very hard to keep a computer clean nowadays and I do not go into any bad sites.I have turned all my security on to their highest level it slows the computer down a bit as they all use up a lot of the CPU especially AVG.But its not even safe to Google for things anymore.I found out that Using McAfee Site Advisor or AVG link scanner were a waste of time as I was getting Rogue Spyware trying to download itself from safe sites.Hence the full protection now.It may be slower but its safer.Thank you for your interest and help.

  T I M B O 08:02 30 Oct 2008

Yes AVG is a bit of a recourse hog im afraid, you may like to try AVAST which is equally as good as avg but less of a recourse hog.

Avast >> click here

  birdface 08:21 30 Oct 2008

Hi.Thanks for the info.I have tried Avast before and it was not much better.It is just my computer is getting past its sell by date and needs upgrading but I cant see the point of that with new computers being so reasonably priced nowadays.What I would pay for upgrading could go towards the cost of a new one.I am not sure what one is going to go first.It or Me.Never ming just remember to smile and give your face a holiday.I have a feeling that computer sales are going to fall rapidly as more folk get fed up with all the spyware going around.It is so difficult to keep computers Virus free nowadays.I always had the theory that it was those that sell the protection that were actually starting the problems so that more would buy there products.Probably way off the mark but it seems to be a reasonable explanation.Why would others want to do it if there were no financial gain.Because they can probably.And just my warped mind.

  rawprawn 08:58 30 Oct 2008

I am surprised that are still getting so many warnings, I only get about 2 a day now, if that. I have all my security set at Medium Level, I am running Kaspersky 2009, and A squared real time. I haven't had any malware for months, and I only pick up the odd Tracking Cookie.

  birdface 09:15 30 Oct 2008

My own fault.As A squared and AVG were using up so much of the CPU I decided to stop the Background Guard in A Squared and AVG Resident Shield.They are both back on and will stay on.

  rdave13 10:19 30 Oct 2008


  hiwatt 10:49 30 Oct 2008

Thankyou buteman.

  sunnystaines 11:37 30 Oct 2008


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