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  gas2000 20:14 28 Feb 2003

Have any users experienced either "click here" or "click here" appearing in their IE browser, and which they can't get rid of? I enquired re both of these using my search engine, and they are both basically spy-ware. What's worse, when I try downloading a free utility which claims to get rid of them, it won't download, almost as if these intrusive web-pages contained software which deliberately prevented such action! What's worse, on one of the links found by the search engine led me directly to web-pages which used the worst emotional blackmail I've ever come across, such as "Would you like your boss, wife or children to know?" and so on. This
web-site then led the user to a form which could be filled in, and would purchase suitable software which claimed to remove it at a cost of around US$100-00! How low can some companies get? I would welcome advice on the removal of these items.



  VoG™ 21:38 28 Feb 2003

Try these: AdAware click here AND SpyBGot click here

  obbit 21:53 28 Feb 2003

when you get rid of them download spyware blaster click here

  gas2000 01:50 01 Mar 2003

To: "VoG".....Thanks, but I already have AdAware which yesterday I used several times, but as soon as I got online again, back came these two web-addresses like the "Terrible Twins"! Also, due to this I found it impossible to download any anti-spyware, including SpyBGot: I've never before encountered such stubborn and persistent SpyWare!

To "obbit".....Thanks to you too, but my computer crashed at the very momment I was about to download spyware blaster. This resulted in the above two web-addresses appearing again, and I had to again run AdAware. This then allowed me to download it; I found it impossible with these two "Terrible Twins" invading my system. All I have to do now is monitor the situation, and see whether spyware blaster does its job!



  muppetmark 09:28 01 Mar 2003

have a look click here for further tips and assistance

  Terrahawk 10:33 01 Mar 2003

have you tried deleting cookies and clearing history.if you have your details kept by sites eg passwords make a note of them before doing it

  gas2000 11:50 01 Mar 2003

Hello muppetmark!

I have just finished downloading SpyBot. Is this any better than AdpAware whihc I already have installed? Anyway, I'll report back on the progress if any, but I still haven't licked it yet, and only today yet another web-site address added to the two I have already mentioned, I don't know why all this is happening now. Meantime, thanks for your help.



Hello Terrahawk!

Yes, I've tried all that you've suggested and probably more, and my computer should be totally clean, but as soon as I think I've got rid of these SpyWare items, they seem to return in no time at all, and all my IE browser settings seem to be changed, and I cannot get them to settle back. But I have yet to run the SpyBot software, so I'll see how I get on with that before saying anything else.



  gas2000 11:30 02 Mar 2003

TO all who took the trouble to assist me in this problem, especially "Muppetmark":

Many thanks for your help! I have managed to cure the problem using SpyBot_S&D. Not only is my system back to normal, but some other problems I had (probably due to the spyware changing my IE settings) have mysteriously been fixed! I've been offered advice on some problems before, but none as valuable as this, and I can thoroughly recommend the use of SkyBot_O&D to all users; in fact, I would go as far as to say it should be permanently installed on everyone's computer!


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